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Seeking answers to your questions Looking for clarity to your confusion Wondering if he or she is the one Need a little insight on dream Or wondering what your career holds ahead for you Chat with me today

I’m a spiritualist psychic For past present & future Focusing on all aspects of life I also do energy readings Name readings astrology readings And much more

I do ask that clients keep a open mind positive energy during our session for most accurate reading for best results Since I will be reading you off your energy

i do suggest booking one of my deals for the best results in a session with me to allow sufficient time to allow me to tap into your energies and vibrations and connect and provide my best insights

once our 3 minute introduction ends you may choose per minute charge or between my deals no free readings

I will tell you everything as it comes in good or bad I am very straight forward reader I do not sugar coat I am just the messenger Love and light

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Clairsentience I can feel energy & emotions from other people. I am an empath can pick up your emotions, as well as the emotions of those you are inquiring about.

Clairvoyant I have the ability to "see" or gain information about an object, person, location or physical event.

Claircognizance (knowing) Visions come from time to time during readings. When this happens, I can describe the image in detail.


i am 7th generation naturally born gifted psychic, I have blessings of generations backing me to help the ones in need. Being Spiritual Life guide and Therapist, I share and send my light to those who going through bad phases in their lives. My Spiritual readings are Professional, Precise, Honest and Subject oriented which will help you in getting the whole picture regarding the situation. I have been in this profession for over 13 years and have helped thousands of people with my own unique way of guiding and counselling which have been really beneficial and a client feel a great sense of peace and relief after a TRUTHFUL & HONEST session with me.

Please Note In the event of Chat dis-connection you are humbly requested to please call back. Your time bought remains safe with me.

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14 Oct 2021 unsatisfactory ranking Gem (unregistered)

I tried to give him a chance. He actually hung up on me when I tried to explain myself. Didn’t answer my questions, went on about their chakra. It’s ok to mention it once but he kept going on about it.

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11 Sep 2021 unsatisfactory ranking dangermouse007

Picked up a lot of specific information, seems to resonate, will see how things go next week and update. UPDATE: bold predictions, but first prediction did not pass and the rest are unlikely to follow. 2 weeks later, things remained unchanged. I feel that the bulk of the reading were things I'd want to hear. Reader got back to me saying it was due to blockages and freewill that prediction didn't pass. Unfortunately, was inaccurate for me.

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03 May 2021 unsatisfactory ranking jill (unregistered)

very interesting and somewhat accurate, but also pretty expensive for the amount of time given

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13 Apr 2021 unsatisfactory ranking chalk2383

Reading did not make sense at all. Horrible reader

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