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I am an Intuitive Tarot Card Reader that specializes in Love & Relationships, Spirtual Growth and Healing. Before I began to evolve on my spiritual path, I maintained a career as a Human Resource Professional for over 10 years. I love engaging with others on an intellectual level!

Since childhood, I have experienced the powerful presence of God as well as my Spirit Guides. Throughout my life, I’ve always been one that enjoyed helping others mentally cope, or discover solutions to various relationship concerns; including family, friends etc. In my late teens, early 20’s , I began to do impromptu predictions with family and friends to “test out” the abilities I always felt were inside of me. I would do this without tools, and sometimes without a specific question. Moving forward, I was blessed with being placed on a path to meeting my very own Spiritual Coach that mentored, taught, and guided me through a series of Spiritual Master Classes.

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Certifications: Professional Life Coach Life Purpose Coach Happiness Coach Master Life Coach Goal Success Coach


The knowledge I have gained has assisted me with understanding many crucial elements of Spirituality including Shadow Work, Self Love & Healing. I have learned and mastered my emotions in various ways, though it will always be a challenge, the tools I have attained give me solice in knowing how to continue moving forward positively. We are all a Work In Progress.

Always Evolving.

My journey has taught me how to become more in tune with what many refer to as Divine Feminine or Empress energy. With this, I have manifested many beautiful things in my life!

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