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I can tune into your any love situation, I make sure to tell you every aspect & every detail of what’s going on in your relationship matters, career, soul-mate connections. Higher Divine guidance Medium/Clairvoyant. I inherit psychic abilities from my family. I can help you resolve your situation with my spiritual guidance. You’ll find me a compassionate and empathetic lady with great natural insight and intuition into peoples lives and problems.

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I am certified astrologer✔ I am certified numerologist I am certified tarot card reader I am certified psychic medium.


Hello, my name is Greeshma! I am a soulmate special list. Thanks for choosing me as your advisor today. I am a born psychic reader. I can find answers to all your concerns like relationships, career, or any other issues of life through my psychic abilities, I will give you honest answers. I am a caring-honest and come straight to the point . I can visualize the things and situations around you . I can see the perspective from your side. I come over with your issues like love and relationships, career, falling business, soulmate connections, dating issues, cheating, and affairs, break-up and divorce, parenting, and family, no matter how big it is I will help you. I found my abilities when I was 5 years old. I learned this from my grandparents and my parents and also ,I am a professional tarot card reader, astrologer, psychic reader, career forecasts, and fortune-telling. I use many different tools to help peoples. I have helped people for years and I am a fast typist and come directly to the point. I can see the situation and exactly what you are going through. I always welcome to my clients, I am so glad to get people responses and I am so happy to clear all your problems with my abilities. Thank you!!

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Languages: English

Media: Audio Call,

Local Time: (GMT+00:00) September 25, 2021, 04:42AM


$1.00 per minute (after your approval)

20$ = 25 mins 35$ = 40 mins 50$ =1 hour

My $10 deal:

13 minutes without sugarcoating

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25 Aug 2021 unsatisfactory ranking Nay  (unregistered)

Terrible fraud used a script could’ve applied to anyone

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22 Jun 2021 unsatisfactory ranking jalisapress


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30 May 2021 unsatisfactory ranking blackwidow_81

I really didn't care for this reading at all. Told me my poi doesn't have feelings for me or thinks of me. I don't believe her. I do believe he may not be thinking about me currently but the not having feelings part.....incorrect. I asked about predictions she may have seen and didn't even answer my question. I have had countless readings on here and not 1 person has told me what she said. I know ever reader is different but honestly her energy came off rather rude to me. I will not return for any future readings.

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09 May 2021 unsatisfactory ranking peaceculture

horrible. nothing came true. i was given false hope and realized the complete opposite her reading hours later. i called for clarity and she said i have to pay. i said i have to pay to find out why less then 24 hours ago your reading was completely wrong. she said yes. so my initial payment was full of lies and i have to pay again for truth.

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06 May 2021 unsatisfactory ranking naiki.nai

I was give one sentence to my question then hung up on. I rejoined her and was told it was an internet connection problem. I had asked if the time was up because only like 2 minutes of paid time was used for a $10 deal. I was told the time wasn’t up yet in the new chat. So I’m waiting and she isn’t typing anything. Then sends another deal, and said because time was up. Total time for both was only less than probably 5 minutes to be very real. The other 3 minutes shouldn’t be counted since nothing else was said to me. Smh. If you didn’t feel comfortable about the reading that’s all you had to say.

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