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Psychic & Spiritual Insights into all areas of life ~ LOVE ~ LIFE PURPOSE ~ CAREER ~ MONEY ~ WELL-BEING ~ ENERGY HEALING ~ LIFE & WORK BALANCE ~ FAMILY ISSUES ~ My mission as a PSYCHIC MEDIUM, HEALER & CHANNEL is to EMPOWER you & bring you more CLARITY


I have been PSYCHIC all my life and have provided readings, guidance and support to people from all over the world. I use no tools. I connect to your energy and read & scan what is coming through for you to KNOW, ADDRESS or HEAL at this moment. I have ability of CLAIRVOYANCE (I see visions), CLAIRCOGNIZANCE (I know) AND CLAIRSENTIENCE (I feel). I work with SPIRIT GUIDES and serve as a CHANNEL for divine HEALING ENERGY. If a SPIRIT OF DEPARTED LOVED ONE enters the reading, I will work as a MEDIUM to help YOU & the SPIRIT world heal.

I use my gift to bring more CLARITY, CONFIDENCE & EMPOWERMENT into your life. I help you find answers to your most burning questions. I help you address possible blocks and fears that may be standing in your way.

Readings with me are more than what is generally called a psychic reading. My intention for every client is to experience TRANSFORMATION, HEALING, BREAKTHROUGH and CLARITY from the messages that are delivered to you through me. BLESSINGS TO YOU ALL.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Natural Psychic Medium University Degree in Philology Reiki Master


I have been PSYCHIC all my life and already as a teenager I started having precognitive dreams and visions. I always knew there was more than this physical world. I started providing readings first for friends – that was 20 years ago. I was also led to work and hone my energy healing. Later on, I started do readings professionally-first, with the cards, until I very shortly found out that I do not need the cards as the visions, feelings and answers would come to me naturally, without using any tools. Lately, I have been called to do more MEDIUMSHIP work too and I offer purely MEDIUMSHIP sessions too if needed. They are very specific and I explain this prior to the start of our session.

I am honored that I can be of service and use my gifts to help and encourage others in their own EXPANSION, HEALING and EMPOWERMENT. I work both with clients in person and online. I have a university degree and professional background from corporate world and luxury cosmetic industry. I’m everyday person with different set of skills-including those of which came to me as a divine gift.

I truly believe that your gifts and talents are lead to your LIFE PURPOSE. What feeds your soul, spirit and also those around you and in community.

My MISSION is to SUPPORT anyone who comes for a reading in their own life journey. I love when a client has a breakthrough or aha moment that sets them to better place in life than they were before. Combination of my psychic and mediumship gifts with my practical approach to life, is my own unique mix of the way I work with my clients.

If I’m called to do so, I love doing ENERGY HEALING – working as a channel of DIVINE HEALING POWERS.

~ It is always my intention to deliver you divine messages that assist you on your journey to greater happiness and healing. I truly believe we are here to learn, connect and grow. As much as I wish all my information I am giving you are always and each time 100% correct, it is NOT possible even for the greatest psychic to be perfect all the time. It may happen that my mind slips in and the vision I see is not interpreted 100% correctly. It is my job though to aim and concentrate and connect in the best possible way I can to deliver you the valuable information. ~

REFUND POLICY You pay for my time. Unfortunately, many people abuse the good will and want to just get a free reading or use Paypal charge back system to do that. By purchasing a reading with me, you understand that payment is for my time and that there is NO REFUND unless we agree in the chat. By purchasing my time you willingly express that you are accepting there will be NO REFUND. If you really feel that we do not connect (meaning I am not able to pick on your energy at the time of the reading, tell me as soon as possible in the chat. However, it is not my obligation and will do it at my discretion.

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