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My family line descended from Northern Indian and through many years of ‘settling’ before Migration reached Southern-Eastern Europe. We began our spiritual journey in helping others very early, some even in childhood. I’ve watch my grandmother advise people by healing the spiritual body. Through karmic connections and chakras. Obstacles of many generations may continue to attach and detach during your life’s journey.

I provide service through spiritual enlightenment, kindness along with superior communication skills; detailed focused on active listening while guiding in ethical solutions to elevate stress. Advice is always practical to suit your personal needs.


I’m a very detailed emotional/spiritual reader that truly believes in connecting with Mother Earth Humans, and animals – in all stages of life.

I help uncover these barriers to help travel back to find healing/understanding with solutions of moving forward and letting go on what no longer serves you. It is often many blockages in our energy fields that prevent us from experiencing strong, healthy, spirituality and growth.

I love learning about people and sharing insights for higher-understanding and spiritual growth. True connections help create, heal, rebuild, and retrace your Destiney allowing us to fully engage, in joy through the journey.

You will learn to decode, identify and use methods to rebuild dull, irritated and unwanted energy in your Chakras.

If you are unsure on what you are feeling but are certain something in your energy is off or not the same whether that be in Love, career, Marriage, Friends, and Family. Together we can determine the root cause to help combat dull energy, while learning how to preserve positive energy and healing in love.

Some methods are ancient remedies. No false promises or unethical advice. Only all natural, nurturing, and full of love-sharing advise. See a healthy, positive, safe, and healing environment.

ALL ARE WELCOME! I am simply at your fingertips, only one click away!

Love, Light, and Peace, The Gypsy Reader (Selma) <3<3<3

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19 Mar 2023 excellent ranking marie2010

Excellent reading with a lot of details . All info from a reading was matching my current situation , can't wait for future days !! Thank you for your time and all insight you gave me !

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11 Mar 2023 excellent ranking momo1778

Great reading. I got most of questions answered. A lot of positive feedback.

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16 Oct 2022 excellent ranking lukwesa

Very sweet reader and I really felt connected. Thank you so much for your generosity and straightforward way of answering my questions.

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23 Sep 2022 satisfactory ranking mickeyfoo6876

Sounds general

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31 Jul 2021 excellent ranking alex888

Selma's reading is VERY detailed and accurate. She did answer all my questions and she gave predictions as well SOLID good advice and I will DEFINITELY be back to her soon. Thank you for everything

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