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In this day and age, Spirituality is a hotly debated topic. Wars and hatred have sprang forth from these differing beliefs and varying theological approaches to life’s most challenging questions. Too many times, those of us who are truly seeking a genuine path for our Spiritual lives are hurt, angered, unfulfilled, or rejected from traditional religious organizations.

My name is Robert Butler, and I have dedicated a large part of my life to not only growing my own Spiritual foundation but to help others lay the foundations of their own.

Have you been rejected or condemned by churches? Perhaps you find that every religion you research still leaves you feeling as if you have no answers at all? Or maybe you’re simply unwilling to subscribe to theologies and beliefs that you see causing nothing but conflict and strife in a suffering world.

There is a better way. I would like to share my ten years of experience in Spiritual advising and ministry with you.

Let’s talk.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I hold no degrees. I explain this more on my website but simply put, up until this point in my life I have refused to have my spiritual walk hindered by the “teachings” of theological seminaries given the state of the world’s religions and what, apparently, these students are being trained to go forth into the world to accomplish.

I am pursuing an education in Spiritualism however, as I believe these teachings are much more advantageous than my traditional Christian upbringing.

Beyond education of the spiritual and theological type though, I have been educated in Radio Broadcasting (though I do not pursue this in my career as of now), Creative Writing, Public Speaking, various areas of music, limited web publishing, and if I might add, a very decent education in bowling!


While I may not have a piece of paper telling me I’m qualified and competent as a Spiritual leader, my life has proven to me that a piece of paper does not define a person’s capability in the face of personal experience.

I started my journey in the Christian church as a southern Baptist. At 19, I became a Pastor and for two years I served a small congregation of around Thirty people. I greatly enjoyed this position and before I fell out of agreement with the Christian church, I was humbly satisfied that we had built that number from just Three.

After this, I stayed in the Christian church for Four more years in a nondenominational capacity. I worked closely with a group of churches called Open Door Community Churches (ODCC) and to this day, I still greatly appreciate their mission and teaching.

During this time, I helped to manage ODCC’s, online ministry outreach known s Grace Online and eventually took over general management of the group until it disbanded. I also wrote studies and articles for another online outreach called Gay Christian Outreach (GCO).

My work with GCO and Grace Online also expanded into running an online radio station called The Grace Happens Radio Network (GHRN) for a limited time, promoting independent Christian musicians.

As a Minister, Teacher, Administrator and active participant in group activities over these years, I have also been given the opportunity to reach out and become a trusted spiritual adviser and counselor to a great many people.

From day one, I have always believed that ministry alone is not a well balanced way to help people. By this I mean to say that “work” is also a very important part of not only being able to help others but also to help better myself.

For this reason, on top of my spiritual pursuits, I hold a full time job working in the Cleaning and Floor Care trade. I believe that people should see those claiming to be spiritual leaders taking on the work loads and real life issues of the people they wish to help.

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