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❤️Allow the Spirit to give you the peace, love and the abundance you deserve through the ⭐️Real POWER can only be found in the TRUTH, and that means knowing what your POI is FEELING and THINKING ❤️Let’s begin the journey…what does your heart crave…❤️Love ⭐️ Success ❤️Harmony ⭐️Infidelity ❤️Healing from the past wounds ⭐️Karmic guidance about why your life is the way it is ❤️The ability to Astral Travel…IT ALL STARTS from Clarity and knowing how to use the energies to your advantage.

I AM here for you darling. ❤️Much love and Light ❤️

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Master in Astrology 1997

Psychic of the Year 2005 to present day (Australian Psychic institution)

Supreme Samhain, Iceland 2003

Medal of Merit from the Australian federal police for outstanding contribution 2018


I was born with my powers as my bloodline counts 5 generations of Masters. What made me different from my ancestors was my analytical mind which allowed me to reach a profound mastering of the science of Astrology which allows me to actually see timelines.

Over the years I helped thousands of people from all walks of life and the most diverse backgrounds and never once felt " disconnected" for no matter who you are, what your story is, and what you may want in life you have one factor in common with every other soul on the planet: You’re a creature of light and you’re linked to bright higher source…even if at times you might feel that you’re not.

Through my travels around the globe I came in contact with multiple religions, rituals, ways of expressing spirituality and methods to open the third eye to show the path, give clarity, heal the wounds and most importantly to MASTER the LAW of ATTRACTION. I’ve embraced the totality of human mind and universal guidance so that I could bring one simple truth to the people : Pain is the Illusion, Restrictions are the Lie and Fear is Taught for you were not born with it.

Truth is, that you, my darling, can indeed be and have absolutely anything you want…all you need is to know how to formulate the question.

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17 Feb 2022 unsatisfactory ranking xchristine9

I don't know if something has change but I don't feel Angela is as thorough as beginning read i had with her. I used to spend about 400 plus weekly when i first started reading with her but i cut down drastically with her. Now i rarely even do the deal with her. Now that she's streaming nationwide she is just not the same Angela. Lately it's just been like I'm paying for the same read over again and again. He is going to his cleanse lady and ask about you everytime. If I'm paying I wouldn't wanna hear the same thing over in every reading. Thats the biggest reason why i completely cut down reads with her. Feel mislead in every way possible. When you tell her you weren't happy with the reading she will tell you but it was only this many minutes. It's still a paid reading whether it's 3 minutes, 5 minutes or 10. She's just bitter I don't spend money on read with her now. Money hungry. My advice dont stick to just one advisor. She used to give so much details. What happen?

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