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Have you lost your path? Are you looking for guidance that will help you navigate your way forward? I offer Soul Map and Rune Readings which show where you may be blocked, and more importantly, what your own unique skills and assets are that you may not even realize! The Soul Map outlines your particular make-up, what makes you “you”, while also showing where there are blockages. It covers all aspects of you as a spiritual Being. The Rune Reading tells a fuller story of what was unveiled looking at the Soul Map, with specific advice and messages that will aid your journey forward. If you know there is something “more” that you should be doing with your life, this is the Reading for you.


I have been doing psychic Readings and Divinations for almost 20 years offering Akashic Clearings, Tarot Readings, Cowry Shell Divinations and Rune Readings. Most of my training has been in Glastonbury, England, also known as the Isle of Avalon, and I have served a varied international clientele.

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