LGTBQ friendly, and judgement free. Tarot Phil uses a variety of decks to ensure a full, in depth, accurate, and honest reading. We explore your past to empower and guide your future in a no-nonsense, straightforward approach.

Using the magic of the tarot to receive guidance and advice on your LOVE LIFE, CAREERS, FINANCES, FAMILY DYNAMICS and many more FORTUNES!

Some possible questions to get answered by the cards: LOVE: -How are they thinking or feeling? -How should I proceed? -What’s going to happen next? -Who is the other person?

CAREER: -When will I get a promotion? -How long until I get a raise? -What’s going to happen next? -What’s going to change about my career? -Will I find a job?

FINANCES: -What’s the core issue I’m dealing with right now? -Why am I having trouble hanging onto money? -How can I make money with this idea?


The cards are HONEST & ACCURATE, they communicate what you NEED to hear, not what WANT to hear.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Outside of being a professional psychic, intuitive and spiritual advisor, I hold a Masters Degree in Education, with some coursework in Psychology. Professional Psychic. Academy Verified. 5+ Years of Experience.

As an LGTBQ friendly professional tarot reader for many years, I was born under a Leo sun which explains my straightforward, honest, and accurate way of communicating what the cards say.

Committing to the tarot as a way of life, I believe that we can use the cards to seek the clarity we’ve always been looking for, giuse us a push to get unstuck, or shift our perspectives to open up new approach of dealing with a rather complex situation.

Receive honest and accurate guidance and advice on your love life, career, finances and more!


Tarot Reader, Empath, Shamanic Interpreter, and Spiritual Advisor internationally. Have done many parties, private consultations, festivals and more! Many weekly and monthly clients. I Have turned to the tarot practically my whole life, I always knew I had a gift. In my experience, tarot can help us better understand the paths we are meant to be on and the choices that are available to us. Tarot can give us the clarity we’ve been looking for. I’ve seen time and time again that a reading can bring the push that someone needs to get unstuck, or to get a shift in perspective that opens up whole new possibilities. ​I have owned and operated a private practice for several years. , I customize open readings to each client’s situation or inquiry. I like to get creative with my tarot spreads, because every client brings a unique situation and perspective to their session and I want to honour that.Although I have taken several classes on studying the world of the tarot, much of my practice has been organic: Like many readers, I have spent years studying tarot on my own.

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