Viktorija Nightshade

Spiritual Life Coach, Tarot Readings and Rune Life/Love Analysis


Most people have different paths, find yours with my guidance for your best self!

First 3 Minutes are just a preview, please pay for your services

My tools

Tarot Deck (Ghosts and folk tales)

Black Scrying Mirror (Think a crystal ball, but with a black mirror)

Pendulum (This is best for "yes/No/maybe’ questions or someone who may be looking for just quick little questions here and there)

Totem Spiritual Animal Reading (Find out what your spiritual guide is telling you, what is your spirit animal trying to tell you? This is in the chiricahua tradition and may be different from other tribal readings.)

Areas of Expertise

- LGBTQA questions/topics - Future endevours - Relationship advice - Spiritual guidance - Life Path Guidance


I do NOT perform predictions in love or love readings other than advice, while it is a specialty of mine, i dont feel comfortable doing these readings

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I read Tarot, they are not set in stone but it is a guide and oracle. I am for self help only.

Native name from my father’s people – Pomintu Wolone (It means Singing hands)

Reader since 13 years old, however been working in the field for 3 years now as a freelance reader.

notes for my clientele:

DISCLAIMER By clicking the Accept Payment button, you agree to hire me for a counselling session, under the conditions of this Disclaimer. You are paying for the counselling time. The time and the information you receive cannot be undone, hence NO REFUNDS are accepted. In case of a charge back, you are liable for the charges incurred and your personal information and transcripts will be provided to PayPal.

Due to international laws and as an ethic and professional reader I cannot answer health related questions, Legal, pregnancy, talk about children like custody ect., stocks and bonds or money or lottery questions. Career and love and life path general questions overall I can.


Note for clientele

The tarot that I use mostly is my ghosts and ghost stories deck as it connects to most clientele on some sort of cultural level. However, please keep in mind that I do not do predictions however I am able to connect and help you with different paths and what is going on. Please be aware that if you ask for a straight up prediction I will have to decline as I do not want to give anyone false hope, I can give you self help and some guidance from the universe in my tarot and runes and other tools however that is it.

Growing up I had been brought up in a few different paths. My mother was a spiritualist in the Kabbalah path (Jewish mysticism) and my father a pipe-carrier and shaman of the Chiricahua-Apache people. I was raised with tarot readings and learning how to use the energy of the earth and the sky and fire and to show respect for the elements of my ancestry.

I started my reading business and learning how to read and perform Chiricahua-Apache medicine at the age of 13, however I have been a freelance reader for tarot and giving advice of life and past lives since 2018.

I first started with Oranum and on storenvy as a freelancer and I started going on with psychic fairs around the new england area, however I moved on to part time free-lancing and now that I am in a better spot I would like to perform my gifts for those who are on Bitwine.

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Languages: English, German

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