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Ann is divinely guided as a means to assist humanity in moving forward to more of you and Grace. She has been provided certain gifts to help heaven help you. It is through guided knowledge vision that she is Shown all that is necessary to clear and heal the negativities of the past to set you free.

☀️Ask me about my past life and destiny readings☀️

Have you felt called inspired or felt like you wanted to make a difference in the world?

Are you ready to step up and do all that you can and make the difference you were born to make?

you are created and are here for a reason.

That reason is not about doing something your soul doesn’t already resonate with.

It’s not about enduring unhappiness, or living your whole life day to day just pay the bills and survive, You have a soul destiny, and maybe it’s not a coincidence you stumbled upon this page.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

⭐Natural Born God Gifted Psychic Abilities

❤️Certified Life Coach -2009

⭐Certified Reiki Master

❤️Mastered The Art Of Tarot

⭐Registered Certified Psychic -Orlando, Fl

❤️Master of the Four Clair’s

⭐Clairvoyant, Clair-Audient

❤️Clair-sentient, Claircognizant

⭐25 Years Experience as a Expert Psychic

❤️10 years Certified Life Coach

⭐Expert Chakra Energy Healer

❤️Past Life & Soul Destiny Expert

⭐Soul Connections,Soul Mate & Twin Flame


During our reading we can tap into times, dates, places, details and descriptions, what he or she is feeling.

I specialize in all relationship’s romance and family, marriage and break ups, faithfulness and intentions, soul mate, twin flame, star-crossed lovers and past life connections.

I also Specialize in Designing Destiny within career and finance, education and business home and travel, friends and family.

I can help you find the answer to any question, the solutions to your problems, and the path to your destiny.

I have helped people understand eachother during a maritial problem when they didnt understand themselves, saving them from a bad divorce.

i have advised others in bussiness oppertunities and they had seen a huge return on investments

i have guided others in connecting with they own chakras and become a healer themselves, and much more.

Gifted Abilities

⭐As a clairvoyant I can see

past, present & future

energy fields (aura’s) around people, places and objects

chakra’s, and pinpoint blocks within

spirits, angel guides, ancestors from beyond

problems and the solutions

⭐As I Clairsentient I can feel

Your emotions, past, present & future

energy, aura and chakra

vibrations & frequencies within

energy, places & objects

the the emotions of pets

the emotions of spirits, angel guides

the emotions of ancestors and past lives

the emotions of your partner, soulmate & twinflame

⭐as a claircognizant I know

the root of the issue

the solution to the problem

the exact Steps you need to take

what has Happened in your past lives

what your destiny is and how to achieve it

who your soulmate is

☀️Ask me about my past life and destiny readings☀️

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Languages: english

Media: Audio Call, Video Call

Local Time: (GMT-04:00) October 02, 2022, 04:50PM

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10 Apr 2020 excellent ranking crystalover1212

Amazing really left me speechless the real deal I really loved her she is outstanding

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10 Apr 2020 excellent ranking kamille__

Wowwwwww you just have to give her a try she is so thorough and well connected. Thank you so much

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25 Mar 2020 excellent ranking nesh3

Thank you so much. Great reading!!!

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25 Mar 2020 excellent ranking rgmendoza1290

HIGHLY recommended. Thank you for your honesty

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25 Mar 2020 excellent ranking pauka

„Excellent” is an understatement!!! This reading blew my mind. I am simply speechless and have a hard time writing this review because it was beyond anything I expected!!! I came to her asking about a very vague person/situation and not only did she give me so much information; it all felt accurate. She wasn’t sugar coating either, she was literally laying it all out like it is. So amazed by her honesty and power. She was also able to see my „psychic abilities” although mine only resort to dreams and other things. And that is something we didnt get to talk about but we will because I am sure as heck coming back!!! 10000% reccomend Ann!!!!

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