✨Real Answers for Real Life. ✨Str8 Tea, No Sugar! ✨Fast & Accurate Answers ✨ Psychic Tarot Coach & Kickass Mystic Chick✨ Need Clarity, Insight, & Options with Detail? DONE!✨Love, Career, or Money Concerns? I Got You! ✨ Real World Stuff, No New Age Fluff


Do you want a lot of love, light, & unicorns farting glitter, or do you want the real, honest, truth? You need answers, and I can help. I can unblock your busted chakras, but that won’t help you know what’s going on with your ex, jerk boss, or ghosted love interest.

I see what you NEED to know, NOT what you want to hear.

I focus on the real-real life, material world concerns like:

✨How does your love interest feel? ✨Timelines/Timeframes ✨Soul-Mate/Twin Flame ✨ Love/Relationships ✨ Divorce/Break-Ups ✨ Your Ex! ✨Sex/Intimacy ✨LGBTQ ✨ Money/Finance ✨ Business/Career ✨Children/Family ✨ School/Education ✨Healing/Trauma ✨Grief/Moving On ✨Moving/Relocating ✨Buying a House ✨Friendships/Social Life ✨Lost Loves ✨Life Purpose ✨Clarity/Advice ✨Military/Deployment

‼️‼️I’m compassionate, but VERY frank and candid… I hate giving you bad news, but I can’t lie to you about what I see. Please make sure that you’re okay with answers you may not want to hear.!‼️‼️

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

✨ High Priestess of the Kick-Ass Mystic Chics Circle, based in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Northern California.

✨Traditional Witch, Psychic, Clairvoyant, & Intuitive Empath

✨ Designed & Illustrated a Tarot/Oracle Deck for my MFA thesis

✨Studied tarot since 2000

✨ I use my intuitive strengths, clairvoyant ability, tarot, oracle decks, pendulums, magick, and connections with my guides/ancestors.


I’ve been working as a professional psychic tarot coach since 2012. I have a small shop in in Northern California where I offer readings, classes, house blessings, and spell work to my local clientele.

I hate to be THAT GUY, but…


‼️NO FREE READINGS!‼️Only if you buy me dinner first.

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