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Having inherited my gifts as a young child, my first psychic prediction was the death of my beloved grandfather, at the tender age of 4. I’ve been providing psychic readings professionally for over 2 decades. This is my calling, and I take it very serious. I am here to help those, in their every day lives, providing answers of clarity. No question is too big, too small, right or wrong. I am here to help you, and guide through life’s mysteries. 99.8% accurate. No sugar coating, No false hope. I stand by my predictions 100%. I am a very honest psychic, that give you truth, and straightforward answers, and will only work with positive energy.

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Breakups/Divorce/Family/Friends/Infidelity/ Love/Relationships/Money/Prosperity/career/ Dream interpretation/Lost Objects/Those who have crossed over

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Affirmations,Clairaudient,Clairsentient, Clairvoyant,Empath


I’ve trained for 10 years, at the Southern California Psychic Institute, where I’ve built an extensive celebrity clientele. I’ve also worked with Child-Finder, helping to successfully locate 106 missing children. I’ve work online,for over 2 decades, and in several metaphysical shops,providing in-depth, personal readings, for over 25 years.

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25 Apr 2021 unsatisfactory ranking peaceculture

i am not sure how i feel about this reading. there were times I felt she was upset with my questions and spoke down to me. it was not very warm and friendly so to say. i thought she had sarcasm and came across very condescending and annoyed with me. then she said I spent too much time on this consider yourself blocked. and I mentioned if you block me I can't change your review. i just wanted clarity the approach was so rude and I am really not feeling good about the tone or her approach. i was going to change this review but after what just transpired i feel her true colors are apparent.

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21 Apr 2021 unsatisfactory ranking peaceculture

i called for clarity and this reading was nice, but tonight it was not so nice and when I asked for clarity she was kind and then said I spent too much time on this for free you are blocked but during my reading I spent all my paid time explaining the situation to her because she asked me questions. so it was just a bit rude.

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23 May 2020 unsatisfactory ranking ruthylok

Connected to car situation but was totally off about love situation.

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03 May 2020 unsatisfactory ranking Oriana  (unregistered)

Did not connect at all was not accurate on anything I constantly asked for refund over and over she would not give it. She was off all off.

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09 Apr 2020 unsatisfactory ranking lo1234

I only came back because the first 1-2 times were right in contact. Since then been sub par. He will ”reach out in few days,couple days“... very generic. Also her 2-3 week/4-6 week predictions are coming up and don’t look to be happening. She will probably blame the virus. My last straw for leaving the bad review is when she brought his family into it. They don’t know me or know about me. So that is a lie. Sorry you are judging me on hang out and contact during the virus. He is okay with it, we talked about it, you keep telling me is mad at me for it. No we are fine on that end

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