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With using my spirit connection or the tarot cards I will give you Straight forward and to the point honest and accurate answers that will give you peace of mind, clarity and guidance.

allow me to tell you the untold reasons of the past, shed light in your present and guide you into your future, Find who you really are and what your true purpose is. Get the answers that you are searching for about love, money, business, career, success, marriage, friendship, family and health. Have more peace of mind then you ever thought possible. One session with me will convince you of my abilities.

Experience the peace of knowing who you really are, and where your going, what’s coming next, what change to make or not make, , find who your soulmate is, find out if he/she really loves you, get the answers to your lovers true thoughts, feelings and intentions.

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Are you wondering if he/she loves you, do you wonder if he/she is the one, do you question his/her feelings and intentions for you? Is there a future with this person or is it time to let go? contact me now and i will answer any/all questions!!! I am a soulmate / love & relationship specialist.


I am a 5th generation psychic with over 15 years of experience in palm, psychic, Tarot card in past life reading’s. I also use my ability for spiritual healing, chakra balancing, energy and crystal healing. I have traveld to India for study on other healing methods. I was aware of my gift at a very young age, and been using it to help and advise others ever since.

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Languages: English

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Local Time: (GMT-08:00) September 21, 2023, 04:55AM

Location: west hills, ca  (Find on Google Maps)

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13 Apr 2023 unsatisfactory ranking humannature

You ended the reading after I paid so if I get my reading I will change this review but I didn’t get a reading and I feel tricked

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27 Mar 2022 unsatisfactory ranking mickeyfoo6876

Reading was rather general and I wasted time having to ask her to clarify and be more specific only to have her wanting to charge more. There was also some time wasting in the beginning as she typed things like “good or bad I will let you know” etc instead of going straight to reading when the timer already started ticking at 2.99/min. Furthermore, a prediction made earlier did not pan out and I came back to update her and she was like it doesn’t mean it will not happen etc and I told her yes it indeed did not happen during the trip which was the supposed period I asked about and she responded by saying something along the line of things are unexpected and unpredictable sometimes etc. I am annoyed not because her prediction did not pan out - I think prediction not happening exactly the way it is seen is quite common. I am annoyed because I think she did not seem wanting to acknowledge that. Overall I was not satisfied with the experience

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07 Jun 2020 unsatisfactory ranking silva14

this reader is full of it.anyone want screen shoots I will send if u shes a thief.she takes off with the money,doesnt complete servce then hangs up.what a rude,fake money hungry advisor this is.then she says something then she tells u she doesn't understand .she keeps saying that over and over and that's wtt it was about.her(the reader)not understanding her own info she was giving.what a hungry money,unsensiere,fake.thief she is.oh by the way I'm reporting yuu to the dbo government for online scam.for theft of my u want the copy of the form when I fill it out and send it?refund my money if not I'm filling it out within the next 20 min so if I were u I would refund me and I bet on that that I will report you to the government agency in about roughly 20 min.then u wount be able to work online for being a thief

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04 Jun 2020 unsatisfactory ranking bell1982

Part of the reading was totally off.

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