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I am an insightful and clairaudient mystic empath, I can glance through past, present and future just as dream investigation and musings and sentiments of any person(s). I am constantly centered around exact time periods so you are not left with bogus expectation, or looking out for something to occur. I accept with my assist you with canning beat whatever you are managing! Love, Finances, Career, Family, Spirits, Reconnection and so on. Would all be able to be the reason for significant bombshells throughout your life. Without settling the blockages you have in those zones you will just persevere through more agony. I can give you genuine feelings of serenity and direction with alternatives for a positive result. I am constantly direct and fair paying little mind to inspiration or pessimism

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Natural Born psychic.

Certified as a Master Psychic 1993

Master of METAPHYSICS 1997


It has only been three years that I’ve discovered my gifts. The first experience was one month before the Sept.11, terrorist attacks. While I was at work, I felt a sense of doom as in my mind, I envisioned an airplane crashing through the window at work. I felt horror as I literally felt the wind come through the window and heard screams. I was paralyzed with fear and it took me a while to compose myself. I thought something was wrong with me. Why would I pick up such a random thought? "Those things can never happen", I said to myself, thinking maybe there is something wrong with me. But then on Sept. 11, as I stood in front of the TV watching the airplane crash into the first tower. Mesmerized, I couldn’t speak and as the tower collapsed to the ground, I remembered that what I felt a month earlier was a premonition.

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