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Hi I’m sherry & I am 100% GIFTED * intuitive * ACCURATE predictions with over 13+ years of experience expect answers to love & relationship Financial work the unseen & the unexpected Unlock your potential to seek answers.

Specializes in: Love, Money, Life Path Family Carrer Marrige .Guides you toward a better understanding of life. Uses astrology to reveal your true life path. Helps you look forward to your life as it unfolds. Relates to you on a spiritual and emotional level. Sherry has the tools the intuition clairvoyance and the power to help and guide you to your journey Areas of Expertise Love and Relationships, Career, Financial, Family, Spirituality and Faith, Past Lives, Children’s Issues, Physical / Spiritual Well Being Chakra Balancing, Life Purpose Energy Healing, And much more!!! Types of Intuition Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Clairvoyant, Empath, Mediumship, Spirit Guides, Angel Guides Reading Style Spiritual, Conversational, Compassionate Life Coach…............

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full life readings and astrology readings and psychic readings and also tarot cards angel cards energy readings is what I am able to tap into best helps me focus on one or many issues before beginning a reading I would need name and date of birth to begin to focus on a deeper and emotional level


I predict what will happen from today & tomorrow from this life to the next I can answer questions through your aura feelings Energy and also tools unlock the mystery of your future? Help discover your spirituality I can guide you trough your life my advice can help many of your every-day problems help overcome. Emotional distress I use a variety of psychic methods that have been proven for centuries! Wisdom with experiences and advice help balance mind body and spirit my gift allows me to offer Comfort insight and guidance through the most difficult of times or help on daily life we can focus on one or many!! My ability also includes to here and feel are spirit guide with answers you need to know!! I am here to listen and to help give you the peace and clarity!!! We all need help staying on our path!!! For more details about my service just dm me for more love and light

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30 Jul 2020 satisfactory ranking eliska

Thank you :) it was a pleasant reading

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19 Jul 2020 satisfactory ranking shealey28

She was awesome

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06 Feb 2020 satisfactory ranking imccain8854

Honestly I think you do have skills as a good reader, said a couple things I was shocked u knew but career wise idk I felt u kinda failed in that area like u saw good potenital but said doin my own thing wasnt for right now but working for a company is. I wasnt impressed bout that, I could be wrong but i felt a threaten type of energy (just off) which is weird because we can all eat like i didnt understand that part tbh ima go my own way but i dont think she is a reader for me maybe for someone else tho

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03 Jan 2020 satisfactory ranking bunnyqueen

It was good until near the end, I don’t know if it sounded right, also reader was typing something and then when time ran out just hung up, would’ve added more time if given opportunity, will see how things pan out in the next week, not so sure tbh

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30 Dec 2019 satisfactory ranking chakram90

Thanks for your time. I hope it happens

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