World Renown Clair Psychic Master Empath. Prophetic Insights. GET ANSWERS NOW!.


Godsonlogan provides a reading unlike any other generous, caring, unique and honest and will shine a spotlight on unseen pathways and hidden blockages. A reader using no tools! because his abilities are fine tuned and connected with the highest realms and spiritual planes. Godsonlogan has an innate ability to approach, communicate and work with energy spirits and source energy in order to relay the answers you need in all areas of life.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Abilities include:

- Clairvoyant

- Clairaudience

- Clairsentience

- Claircognizance

- Clairalience

- Clairgustance

- Retrocognition

- Precognition

- Remote Viewing

- Mediumship

- Empathy

- Automatic Writing

- Dermo-optical Perception

- Telepathy

- Dream Telepathy

- Dream Exploration

- Astral Projection

- Rddhi

- Reiki

- Energy Medicine

- Prophecy

- Past Life Regression

- Akashic Records

- Otherworldly Connections


Being chosen with the gift of all "Clair" psychic abilities and on top of that being anointed with the rare gift of Prophetic Insight. I was also born a 5th generation thoroughbred oracle in a long line of Spiritualists, Psychics and Religious leaders. I am sought after by many people from everyday individuals to cultural icons to politics helping guide in worldly decisions and transactions. My readings have touched the life of people all around the world (on every continent to be exact) for the past decade I have perfected my craft and dedicated my life to this realm of awareness to help guide you with authentic and quality readings through Spirit.

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