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Accurate, Non-judgmental, and Honest Readings.

Are you looking for the real deal?

With over 10 years of experience, I can help you find the answers you need for any question or problem you may have. I work directly with my guides and Divine Energy in order to bring you accurate information that you need.

I can help you gain divine insight into relationships, love, family, careers, spirituality, and anything and everything in between. No question is too small or too big.

  • No Legal, Medical, or Lottery Advice.

Beginning when I was a child, my life has been marked by various mystical and miraculous experiences. Early on, these experiences placed in me a deep love for Divinity and set me on a lifelong course to intimately explore the metaphysical. I would spend the majority of my growing up years in the solitude of nature and in meditation. Those times were spent learning the dynamics of the Divine, how to work with energy, how to achieve altered states of consciousness, and how to operate in the psychic realm. I also spent those years interacting with energetic beings and practicing my abilities with people around my hometown. Later, I would go on to attend a school of the supernatural in the mountains of Northern California where I was trained further in the mystical and healing arts. After that, I became a traveling teacher, healer, and spiritual guide for a time until at one point I had a profound spiritual awakening. In that awakening, I saw the truth that we are all one nondual Divine Essence experiencing itself as a multitude of apparently different persons and things. That awakening only strengthened my abilities and my understanding, as well as my capacity to help empower others. Today, I use what I have experienced and learned to teach, guide, and heal people from all walks of life.

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