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My readings can answer the question of "What will happen coming up?" in regards to other persons or situations in your life. The FUTURE of what is to come.

Names or situation is required please, I cannot do general readings.

Please note, no witchcraft nonsense, asking me to read minds, and so on. Please also read disclaimer below. Thanks

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I do not provide refunds & chargebacks may lead to an investigation if I choose to pursue it. Be aware that you will be investigated by PayPal and Bitwine as well as banned if you pursue chargebacks as when you use my services you agree to our TOS. Readings are for entertainment purposes only.

I do have a right to decline callers and / or types of readings. Once I make this decision, please consider it final. If you’ve been blocked and continue to make new accounts you’ll be reported to support. Thank you for understanding.

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31 Mar 2020 unsatisfactory ranking candyapple2017

Couldn't give a direct reading our outcome or prediction and that's what Im looking for from a reading. If a reader is just guessing at 3 or more different options, those "what-if" stories are something I can discuss with my friends for free. Thanks anyway.

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13 Mar 2020 unsatisfactory ranking sunaina

Read something about my situation inaccurately, which I told her about/corrected her and ended the chat after spending 17$. She has since blocked me. I can understand and respect Advisor's not being able to connect at times, but its her attitude that was incredibly disappointing.

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