Intuitive Guidance: What's in Your Aura?


Channeled Message March 15: Although we are all on different timelines, now is the time to work toward your clarity so by the end of the month we can see our situations objectively in order to let go. It has been a rough few months for many of us, culminating in difficulty which was felt heavily by many of us in February. Take care of yourself, and Love & Light to all! <3

Need a little clarity? In search of guidance? Roadblocks standing in your way?

As an empath, I sense the energy of your situation to give you intuitive insight into love, career, and breaking cycles of your past so that you can move forward. Let’s unlock your own unique gifts and talents so that you can get on track to a bright and happy future!

LGBT Welcome!

Please note that I do not perform free readings, but I will provide clarity for a paid session.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Over 12 years experience Mentored under psychics from Lilydale Mentored with internationally-known psychics

Topics of Specialty include: *Spiritual and Life Coaching/Guidance *Meditational Guidance *Energy Love Guidance *Aura Reading *Angel Communication *Assistance with Lucid Dreaming (Take Control of Your Night Life!) *Assistance in Cleansing *Blocking Negative Energy & "Psychic Vampires" *Establishing Boundaries in Life and in the Spiritual Realm


When I was in my early twenties, I went to a reader who told me I had the ability to read people without realizing I was doing it. Until then, I thought everyone had this ability and was inspired to “test it out” online and at parties. I was stunned to find how accurate I was. For the next few years I continued to practice, treating it as more of a “parlor trick” than an actual gift. When I felt confident enough in my skills, I began reading professionally outside of my regular job.

I have been on my spiritual journey for over twelve years, during which time I dabbled in various subjects such as meditation, angelic communication, animal communication, spells (for ethical purposes only), and gaining control of lucid dreams. If you are seeking assistance with any of these subjects, please feel free to contact me and I will see what I can do for you.

Though much of my spiritual exploration was from my own experience as well as from books, it was connecting with the local metaphysical community which validated many of my experiences, such as the “chills” I get during a reading. I also discovered there was a name for people like me—I am an empath. Through these connections, I was fortunate enough to further develop and hone my skills through mentorship with psychics from Lilydale (the “spiritual mecca” of the US), by attending private events with internationally-known psychics, and studying under a private mentor.

Aside from being an advisor for Bitwine and its two sister sites, Purple Ocean and Purple Garden, I also perform readings at events and private parties, as well as providing mentorship. After recently going full time into the spiritual business I have established a loyal clientele around my city, and I can focus my energy into utilizing my gifts to better serve my clients.

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