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I Will Answer Your Questions, Address Concerns and provide Soul Healing. I connect to the Divine Universal Energies to help your Path in the Times of Trouble


**Looking for Veracity, Seeking for Truth, Honest And Precise Intuition Into Your Sitch

New Age psychic, I’ve been helping people with my abilities for over 14 years.

If you are trying to find peace while your heart is in pieces, I am the Psychic for you. I can help and guide you to a life of happiness, true love and success. If you are worried, if you are stressed, if you are confused, I can help you. With me, you will not go wrong.

If you asked yourself any of these questions, you must contact me today:

Is he/she the one?

What is going through my partner’s mind?

Will my marriage/relationship last?

Why hasn’t he/she called me?

Will we reunite?

Can I trust my partner?

When will love come my way?

When will I meet my soulmate?

When will I start a family?

Am I going to get that promotion?

When will my good luck come?

I can help and guide you to the right life path and answer the questions that you have been wanting to ask. No question is too big!

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Diploma In Herbal Medicine College of Naturopathic Medicine 2000

Diploma Nutritional Therapist The College of Naturopathic Medicine 2000

Diploma In Naturopathy The College of Naturopathic Medicine 2000

Advanced Diploma In Astrology the Faculty of Astrological Studies 2003

Certificate Of Psychic Authenticity American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums 2001

Master Diploma In Tarosophy the center of Excellence 1999

MA In Humanistic And Integrative Psychotherapy Coventry University 1998

Diploma In Life Coaching The Open University 2005



14+ years experience.


The Requested Timeline: with this method accuracy can go either way, spirits decision to let you know or not.

The Un-requested Timeline: I have found this way to be more accurate, upon observation.

Timelines can be unstable because of free will/free choice in given situations. Use them as "ROUGH GUIDELINES" only.

I offer timelines when they come naturally during the course of the reading (and they can come) but, if not I will remain silent. You can also ask or build in a timeline within any of your questions, this is your ‘hoped for time’ into any of your questions. Example: Will Bob contact me within 2 weeks?


A good connection in a reading to me is defined as both client & psychic creating a neutral attitude. With negative attitudes on both sides it can then BLOCK a good connection. Also a connection to Creator & one’s Guides are the main connecting points.

Reviews speak for themselves about consistent accuracy. But expect times of inaccuracy too for just being human.

No longer offer free connections. Sorry.


Given that people, will seek out multiple readings for the purpose of comparing mutual agreement in all the readings. This supposes that matching readings is then "true", which is normal. Should there be a different viewpoint than hoped for, let that not be discounted. There might be another message or angle coming through.

Psychics are all different and have different gifts at different levels.


If you feel confused over a reading, the answer to that usually lies within the confusion of the person you are asking about for the psychic to pick up on. Confusion will come out in the reading until they get clearer themselves about you, or their life. If you’re dead set against the psychic’s interpretation, it could be a connection issue & the psychic or yourself are not feeling well enough, due to heavy emotions or physical ailments to be neutral enough to read presently, and should just try again later.

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17 Sep 2022 excellent ranking muffy

Sush a grate soul. Fast typer and really connects :) ty hun.

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12 Sep 2022 excellent ranking trae17

Fast typer. Good reading.

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10 Jun 2022 excellent ranking Toots again (unregistered)

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05 May 2022 excellent ranking kyttikatt

Very good

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09 Apr 2022 excellent ranking momich

Connected very quickly and accurately to my situation and POI. Very kind and compassionate. Thank you very much.

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