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Hello! My name is Bella, and if you have a problem, inquiry, or need some guidance, please come and chat with me. Sometimes life can become a dark and confusing experience, and this is when it is most necessary to tune in, and discover new levels of your spirit and seek personal guidance. My specialties and passion lies in helping people find happiness and harmony within themselves, in love and relationships, and holistically within our vast world. I am experienced in energetic readings and healings, and often connect with spirits and angelic beings. Also can identify demonic or ghostly spirits, and what may chain them to your life. I can offer advice from energetic and intuitive knowledge, and can also recommend various herbal remedies and rituals with explanations of why and how they will help you. Also offer astrological information and readings, all of which will hopefully amount to a meaningful action and a passionate life. Also fairly experienced with Tarot readings, if you are interested.


Assisted in spirits crossing-over, reiki healing and massage. Compassionate and attentive listener, open-minded and never judgmental. Courses and training in herbal medicine and the workings of body and its energetic and physical systems. I can help with specific problems, or help you address the root causes of ‘symptoms’ you experience.

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