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❤️ Here is how I will help you❤️: I will see and feel thoughts, intentions, and emotions. I will read you or anyone in your life. I connect to you before I start on interpretation. I see Present, Past and Future aspects of peoples lives that is meant specifically for guidance. I specialize in Relationships, Careers and Health. I target spots of the body then project energy from my eyes directly. I have HEALED many people online (distant healing) and I also give healings in person. I connect people who have passed away and tell you there emotions.

I give Interpretations to help with insight on hidden or true messages. Traumatic events in my life have ENHANCED my psychic gifts, giving me the ability to help others with AUTHENTIC SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE. Everyone has gifts and the power to make the free will choices of everyday life. I can help you with REAL INSIGHT to truly help you in your path! Love and Light!

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

-Divine is a real deal. Authentic and lives in truth. You will not be disappointed. Fast typer as well. Many blessings to you and thank you for your guidance!

-The best here!! Answered all my questions, very fast and accurate. Thank you so much xo ill be back with updates

-Gives in-depth information which is always in alignment with the questions I asked. Great as always and ethical.


For 24 years I’ve helped people just like you get insight into their most difficult Life, Love and Relationships questions through Psychic Readings. You can also get answers to your Life, Love and Relationship questions now.

Terms and Conditions

☯All charges and payments are made in respect to the actual time duration used consulting with Divine Rustam and not for the subject matter; which is subjective, personal and confidential. Reading are for entertainment purposes.

☯No Refunds are permitted.

☯Any Client Dissatisfaction should be brought to the attention of Divine Rustam within 48 hours, where he will then review and offer feedback. Past this time period it is acknowledged and assumed that the client is fully satisfied.

☯No matters involving minors, medical health related issues will be discussed.

☯No matters involving legal issues will be discussed.

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02 Nov 2018 unsatisfactory ranking judith78

I am sad to put this but 36 hours ago I got a reading with Mondal Vision and he also typed this exact phrase verbatim used by Master Z in my reading just now, "I do sense lot of pain and hurt in your heart because of his situation but still because your heart is tender, you love him." Why are two readers using exactly the same words to me in a reading about the same person? Coincidence?? Naturally this looks bad and undermines the whole reading by both readers :( . If any predictions by either reader comes to pass (also practically identical) then I may change this review but I don't get a good feeling on the same phrasing or scripting by readers in such a short timespace...

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09 Dec 2017 unsatisfactory ranking ebik

Very slow replies eating into my credit... Cold reading sounded sugarcoated and made up.. didn't validate connection. Very disappointed and now wants me to remove this review.

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14 Nov 2017 unsatisfactory ranking Redbone33  (unregistered)

False hope is never good to give people when they are down. It only hurts them in the end more

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