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Life Coach/Manager and reader. Fast typer. Read Bio First.


I read cards on your situation and help give you knowledgable direction for your life. NO REFUNDS NO EXCEPTIONS* When you enter the chat please know that if you send payment that is you agreeing to these terms. Disclaimer NO HEALTH NO MEDICAL NO LEGAL NO EXCEPTIONS You agree that the card and PayPal in use is yours. I ONLY SAY WHAT THE CARDS MEAN I AM NOT HELD LIABLE FOR ANY INFORMATION OR STOLEN IDENTITY OR UNAUTHORIZED CHARGES*

I am very blunt as well as very professional. I don’t fib or tell you exactly what you want to hear I will tell you as I see and as I am told. Please note you need to be exact in what you ask of me. I tell you simple direct answers.

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I have taken multiple classes in learning how to deal with abused women. sexually, mentally, spiritually and physically. i also have a teaching in human behavior so i can understand what others r doing and why


I have been reading cards since I can remember. I have had my abilities since i was born. i have over 300 clients online and at home. I have helped so many people and i want to help you. I don’t sugar coat so many get their feels hurt when we speak but i take pride in being honest.

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14 Apr 2022 unsatisfactory ranking jazzkhim

I’m sorry but you are the one that was rude… never again!

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05 Nov 2021 unsatisfactory ranking Tash (unregistered)

Shocking that you didn’t resonate at all

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23 Oct 2021 unsatisfactory ranking kari09

Horrible reading ever!!!! SAVE YOUR MONEY! You are calling me selfish!!! What the HELL!! I came to you for help not to be called anything!!!!! I have been patient for 2 years, I put my feelings aside every single time for him and just because I want to understand why all of this is happening you are calling me SELFISH!!! You are my advisor and you DID NOT FOR A SECOND understand my feelings or where I am coming from!!! That I struggle EVERYDAY TOO! But no , you called me selfish for someone who puts everyone before myself especially him!!! How dare you!!! PLEASE GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK!!!!! I did not come here so you can tell me mean things about me!!! I AM NEVER COMING BACK TO YOU! Ruthless and no empathy for anyone! And wanting something and asking for what I deserve is NOT BEING SELFISH! It’s actually people like YOU why people like us have emotional traumas and lack self esteem!

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04 Aug 2021 unsatisfactory ranking Chiquita  (unregistered)

She don’t know what the hell she’s talking about

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20 Apr 2021 unsatisfactory ranking ladyjane2321

Tries to get mad when you tell her that her reading was wrong, and tells you she doesn’t remember and moving on. You can’t disregard when you were wrong, admit that you were wrong instead of blatantly trying to dismiss what a person is telling you especially when they are paying you for a reading. Also do not like that she goes to PayPal and messages people on their personal email due to you not agreeing with the stuff that she says that is actually a violation of Bitwine, advisors are not supposed to message us outside of bitwine.

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