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The Purpose of Life is not to be Happy. It is to be Useful, to be Honorable, to be Compassionate, to have it make some Difference that you have Lived and Lived Well.☀️☀️ So whatever THE ISSUE is. Call me and lets SOLVE it Together.☀️☀️


Do you need Answers and Guidance regarding the course you are on in your life? Well, I would like to introduce myself. I am a Metaphysical Practitioner, Spiritual, Holistic, Christian life coach and counselor.

I am a Gifted Mystic. I own a Metaphysical life coaching company & Quantum Healing Trade Mark Now in use. I am always connected to higher power and guidance, that I then give to you. I also integrate my academic training and wealth of knowledge, to direct many people. I will pick up on hidden blockages and color energies that will help me guide you. I can access your subconscious and others and do work in the quantum/mental field.

I am a spiritual counselor and hold my sessions that way. Please come with what you want to talk about so we can have a productive session.

IMPORTANT:If you do not see me online/busy, just email me and set up an appointment and I will honor it. My rates are posted and non-negotiable

Please read my profile before Calling me.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

B.S in Healthcare Administration,

PhD in Metaphysical Sciences with specialization in parapsychology,

Certified Holistic Life Coach,

Certified Christian counselor,

Advanced Law of Attraction Practitioner,

Trained Mental Health Mentor,

Metaphysical Practitioner,

Shamanic Practitioner,

Human Electromagnetic field analyst,

Advanced subconscious communicator.


I have been spiritually gifted since I was 9 years old. I was given the gift of automatic writing during my spiritual awakening.

If you can’t handle the TRUTH, please do not contact me.

I will not tell anyone things just to "make them happy". You are responsible for your happiness. I always confirm what I am saying through numerous channels. If you are just looking for answers you WANT to hear, please pass me by rather than ruin my ratings.

I also do not use any tools and contribute all my gifts to "Gifts of the Spirit". I guide people intuitively and it is their choice as to if they want to do what will get them on the right path.

I am also a certified Holistic Life coach.

But most of all: I AM helping people regain homeostasis and contribute to humanity to propel us forward into higher consciousness.

If you contact me:

-You must be confirmed paid before I will assist.

I will guide you…not tell your "specific" future, as all Meta-physicians know the future is always changing based on your ACTIONS and CHOICES. -What I do takes time and precision. I work fast and ask questions. Be honest!

Understand it is a pleasure of mine to HELP you…do not USE me

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