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As a child, with a family where some were gifted with healing energies, my journey to find the answers to the eternal questions of life began!

I was blessed to observe the various spiritual approaches to life that seem to always involve helping others. Early on, I became aware of who I was, and that helping others with guidance would be something that would be my focus.

Excited to be able to announce I’ve now done over 49,000 plus readings as an Intuitive Astrologer, for the greatest people there are, like you, here on Online Platforms! This has made my life fulfilling, one devoted to serving others, with the details that bring relief and a sense of renewed security!

Just need your name, birthdate, and whether it’s love, money or career that needs our attention, I’ll be here to spotlight the truth about love, what’s happening in your career, and what is in store for you!

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I am good in reading Numerology, Astrology, Angel Reading as well as i am taking spiritual coaching classes for those who have gifted and help them in there career and enhancing my skills ultimately.

I have done Bachelors in Astrology.

I hold The Mastery of Mediumship certificate obtained through the Psychic Registration Board and have various professional qualifications in Management, Social Services and Health.

I have been working voluntarily and professionally as a Psychic Medium Advisor for many years in the areas of:

- Relationship situations

- Career progress

- Family life

- Social life

- Finances

- Lost pets

- Psychic training

I attended many workshops and courses, learned the ability to interpret dreams and have had my readings published.


I am an expert on emotional matters and very good with motivational guidance on the career front. I am very passionate about pointing you in the right direction for your own spiritual development.

My Psychic ability has been practiced extensively so I am very experienced and well known all over the world. I often receive reading requests through recommendation rather than advertising. I find it rewarding and satisfying to use my life`s passion in psychic reading to help people finding that people often feel inspired and motivated towards undiscovered areas of their lives after a reading with me.

You will find that my psychic guidance will guide you to find answers to your life questions and my predictions have been clarified as precise. The psychic guidance that I give you will be insightful and detailed and a true interpretation of your situation.

As a Medium I provide evidence not just of life after death, but that the Spirit World actually exists. This proof can bring about a more positive and beneficial way of thinking and living for you.

During a very memorable reading to a lady who asked if anyone was on the other side. I said that there was a man about the same age and established that this was her husband. Her husband then described the lady on the other end of the phone to me in great detail describing her hair colour and her eyes and her skin. The lady on the other phone was absolutely amazed by this because her husband had been blind all his life. He had come back to give evidence that he was now all seeing and all-knowing on the other side.

Another highlight of my proven abilities was when a National Magazine undertook a case study on one of my readings and published the results in their magazine. The study proved that my predictions do come true with the person receiving the reading testifying that what I had said did come true during the given timeframe.

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Languages: English

Media: Audio Call, Video Call

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$1.99 per minute (after your approval)

15 mins for 20$, 30 mins for 40$, 1 hr for 60$, 200$ for 1 week.

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13 Jun 2024 excellent ranking colomoose


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09 Jun 2024 excellent ranking balfo003

Amazing reading. Waiting on predictions to come about

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04 Jun 2024 excellent ranking henri4379

I appreciate the insights provided. I am still a bit skeptical about the some of it; but I will keep an open mind. Always patient, kind and answers all questions.

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31 May 2024 excellent ranking drea3125

Very caring and intuitive, to my situation. Went above and beyond to help and provide support and guidance. Very much appreciated. Thank you

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30 May 2024 excellent ranking Luna (unregistered)

Thank you very much for putting my mind at ease

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