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Do you constantly find yourself stuck?

You find yourself in love but they don’t want commitment (again). You want to make a difference in this world through teaching or starting a business but the pay sucks and you feel drained at the end of the day. You go home to screaming kids, the dog pissing on the carpet (again), and cold, over-steeped cup of tea.

You don’t have your passion anymore. You don’t have happiness or drive anymore.

You’re stuck.

I’m here specifically to help you

Professionally reading tarot, palms, and Lenormand since 2014. I also have experience in reading tea leaves, oracle cards, and shufflemancy (musical reading).

Certified in Reiki levels 1 and 2 for distance emotional, spiritual, and physical healing.


You’ll receive NON-JUDGEMENTAL psychic insight, no matter what you’re going through.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

NO NAMES NEEDED. NO BIRTHDAYS NEEDED. Just tell me what’s going on for connection.

Chakra and Energy Work Tarot Card Reading Oracle Card Reading Pendulum Work Palmistry (palm reading) Psychic Medium (for humans and pets) Clairvoyant Claircognizant Clairaudiant Clairsentient


I’m a natural born Clairvoyant and Energy Worker.

My Specialties:

-✨Love and Romance

-✨ Difficult Choices

-✨ Identifying Problems & Providing Solutions

SPECIAL OFFER $37 for a love-centered palm reading. Want to know if you’re soulmates? It takes two seconds to find out!

Please, no reading requests against Bitwine policy (medical, investment, death)

NO REFUNDS OR FREE READINGS Calls end as soon as the charge has stopped.

AVAILABILITY I’m on between 9-2pm MST every Monday-Friday. Ask for an appointment if you want a reading any other time.

REVIEWS "This was the first time I’ve ever had a reading and let’s just say it was freaky accurate. There was so much insight that I gained as a newbie and Rachel did a wonderful job of explaining in depth what it meant. I have always wanted to have it done and I’m glad I got to work with Rachel!" – Christopher O.

"Really enjoyed this reading. Amazing what the cards pick up! Thank you so much!" – Bon

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Languages: English

Media: Audio Call,

Local Time: (GMT-07:00) September 19, 2019, 09:50AM

Location: Colorado  (Find on Google Maps)

Last seen: more than a month ago

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16 Aug 2017 unsatisfactory ranking bcuzimagurl

Pls listen to the negative reviews as I didn't and decided to give her a chance. Wrong descion. Instead of a reading where predictions and timeframes are given or the advisor tells you what they see, this was rubbish. Absolutely no ANSWERS, no prediction NOTHING was given to me. She went on about choices and that we have in life..ALOT OF ADVICE from someone who is Supposedly gifted and is Psychic. If u want someone who can give u actual predictions..descriptions..timeframes then pls go to someone else. THIS PERSON IS UNABLE TO DO SO AS HER PROFILE AND BIO STATES. Her reading for me was.."if you choose, best choice is this person..."..I'm not asking for a lecture or how u tell me to live my life. I am not angry nor mad..just sad that she lied and if she was unable to connect to me or provide the truth at least have the decency or professionalism to say so or refund. DON'T WASTE MONEY AND TIME. TRUST THE REVIEWS.

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12 Aug 2017 unsatisfactory ranking javi85

I have to be honest. There was no connection between us.

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14 Jun 2017 unsatisfactory ranking greengirl30

Asked for a partial refund because i thought this person was nice and decided not to rate the reading .. then this lady blast me in an email when it's not my fault her reading didn't make sense, there wasn't a connection !! at least i gave you 2 chances ! and didn't ask for all of my money back! paid $20 and she gave me $8 because she said she had to pay processing fees and other fees from bitwine. You were slow, rude, vague, general and COMPLETELY unconnected. Buyer Beware.

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