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Psychic Quietsound Will Answer Your Questions Concerning Love, Relationships, Money, Career And More By Tapping In To Your Spiritual Guides For Those Answers! NO FREE READINGS SORRY


Well-known Psychic Offers Compassionate* Caring Deep Soul Connection!/NO FREE READINGS OF ANY KIND I am a Professional Psychic and Spiritual Advisor and Counselor who has 30 years of experience and who can help you find the answers that you are looking for. What does he or she feel for you? What your next course of action should be? Leave it to me to be able to "tap in" to the guides and tell you what you need to know when you need to know it.

I have guided thousands of clients regarding life, love, money, career, marriages, divorces, relationships, and more. I have worked online for 10 years in private chat rooms and by telephone.

I am a certified psychic with the Psychic Society International. I hold a certificate for spiritual counseling and I hold a certification as a professional tarot reader through the Tarot Certification Board.

Please pay me a visit today and let me help you to find the answers you need at a reasonable fee.

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Certified Psychic with Psychic Society International and hold a certificate in Spiritual Counceling. Certified Professional Tarot Reader with Tarot Certification Board


30 years psychic experience with 10 years working professionally online in private chat rooms and over the telephone.

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27 Apr 2018 unsatisfactory ranking mandapanda

She only gave me one minute and hung up when I paid her for 15 minutes. Gave no information. Horrible. Don't waste your money.

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04 Oct 2017 unsatisfactory ranking onelve1lfe

nothing said, i am really disappointed :( wasted too slow

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17 Jun 2017 unsatisfactory ranking bcuzimagurl

Very honest and based on fact review. Nice lady and all..polite..yet I feel personally she did not cover much for the time and money that I paid. I did not receive much from her at all...I was given a very vague generic timeframe along with a very generic descp...i did not receive full out details and in depth knowledge. I feel like i am very wronged...unfair. Alot if what she says..could apply to anyone basically...i feel like i should get a refund. I have been given much much better information from $10 readings. Then most of what she based on "she feels" if you can't nail it...don't say it. Hindered along with the disconnection problems and her replies that were so vague...i "feel" like he is....another one was.."dark hair..dark eyes"..i am so disappointed. What a let down..her profile described her like she the bomb.

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03 Feb 2017 unsatisfactory ranking moonlight81

I came to her cuz I know she is always right but today she was more judgemental than understanding my situation am sorry to leave this feedback but am hurt from the way u spoke to me

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02 Nov 2016 unsatisfactory ranking dulcie

She is nice, connects really fast and is a fast typer. However, it was not a conversation. It did not flow. The problem is not WHAT she predicted or sensed (bcus I do believe her) its just that I was getting response's like " you can do what you want to do", " Its up to you", "its up to him", It cud be now or it cud be later". As a result, I do not feel like I was heard or really understood. I got more from other psychics..more information! Thank you, but nothing has really been answered. Did not expect to leave this review but I had to be honest.

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