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What is it that you want..wish for or desire get answers here.Here is your chance to connect with your own personal psychic and travel the road you were meant to be on. Stop struggling with every day decisions and get answers to your questions and solutions to your problems. Learn to move in a positive direction no matter what obstacles you may think are in the way. Don’t let uncertainty and chaos rule your life. I have been doing readings for over 35 years. Tarot card, psychic and dream interpretations can interpret life changes for you. I have noticed that certain clients will ask for a reading and then ask for a refund when they r done only to get a free reading.I will not be giving any refunds. If you don’t want to hear the truth and only try for a free reading please don’t stop here. I will not tell u what u want to hear you must learn to handle the truth.

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This is a gift that has been passed on from two generations of visionarys and intuitive elders.Starting in September I will be offering SPIRITUAL MEDITATIONS, REIKI CANDLE BLESSINGS AND AURA AND CHAKRA BALANCING. All of these special offerings are meant to give peace,contentment and life balancing results when your life is in turmoil.


I have been doing readings for over 35 years with a gift of vision to see what others cannot.I am a spiritual guide offering insight into your life.

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12 Jun 2022 unsatisfactory ranking ninapretti

She kept telling me that the situation with my ex is just physical but I kept telling her that we don’t have a physical relationship I don’t have sex with him but she kept saying it’s just physical so that was annoying and she telling me move on with I have what she telling me just don’t add up but okay

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08 May 2022 unsatisfactory ranking Bugs  (unregistered)

Completely off base. I hung up because it wasn’t at all what’s going on with us.

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24 Apr 2022 unsatisfactory ranking chet

I will never use this person again. She is fake. I would respect her reading if it resonate to the person. She stated the same reading with two different person words to words minor differences. She maybe right with that but I question her regards to my future poi- both time she gave me different description n notice after I read the old reading. I would not use her or recommend her. I don’t feel the same energy as being honest with her reading. I am not afraid of the truth. I can accept truth n move on.

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01 Feb 2022 unsatisfactory ranking Rainbow77  (unregistered)

I have tried sorry . Claims to be picking up but didn’t see he got the ticket and plans are set . It’s not about not liking the truth either. Saying he’s a serial dater online and he’s been married up to 2 years ago . And it’s the opposite of other readers . Sorry .

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30 Dec 2021 unsatisfactory ranking ariasn

I chose this reader based on the incredible reviews. That was not the case with my reading. Unfortunately, out of the whole reading, she only got one thing right about the poi. The information she gave was incredibly opposite of what I have been given recently by several other readers. I appreciate her time but definitely use caution when utilizing her services. I can handle both positive and negative readings/truths. I am always open-minded that things change. However, when the information does not resonate or even describe the person/situation, it's safe to say and have the opinion that perhaps she did not pick up on the correct energy.

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