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In-depth Psychic, Able To Tap Into All Aspects Of Life! If You Seek Truth, Guidance, Answers & Clarity I Am Your Advisor. I Am Nonjudgmental & Straightforward. I Am Able To Tune Into Any And Every Situation With Little To No Information Given.


I am a clairvoyant and clairaudient psychic empath, I can look through past, present and future as well as dream analysis and thoughts and feelings of any person(s). I am always focused on accurate time frames so you are not left with false hope, or waiting on something to happen. I believe with my help you can overcome whatever you are dealing with! Love, Finances, Career, Family, Spirits, Reconnection etc. I can give you peace of mind and guidance with options for a positive outcome. I am always straightforward and honest regardless of the situation. I am able to tune into your energy and/or any person of interest with little to no information provided. I am here to help you see things clearly with options for a better outcome!

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love questions relationship help careers or finances is this your soulmate* dream analysis break ups/can it be fixed marriage or divorce issues help for divorcing parents,children life questions or choices affairs & cheating partners dating problems be patient or just let it go other world connections …or any other questions that you may be struggling with!


✨ I have my quick 3 card tarot spread, answers 3 questions! $25 for 5 minutes. my crystal reading, $45 for 10 minutes. Which tells characteristic traits, personality traits. Its a bit like your horoscope. focusing mainly on you and your life path. My full life reading, $70 for 20 minutes. Picks up on close accurate time frames and thoughts and feelings of any person of interest. My combination reading $90 for 30 minutes, which is my most detailed, taps into your spirit guides. past, present and future, and answers all life’s questions, along with the same abilities as the full life and crystal combined. ✨

negative reviews are from clients whom just cannot handle the truth, or are looking for a fairytale ending. I am straight forward and I am not here to tell you something just to make you feel good, I am here to give you the truth.

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09 Oct 2022 unsatisfactory ranking jaytay

I’m not sure how I feel about this reading. I think it’s the lack of finer details.

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27 Apr 2020 unsatisfactory ranking dreika (unregistered)

Did not resonate.

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10 Dec 2019 unsatisfactory ranking kdawggy

Sorry to have to do this because I really liked her but I’ve spoken with her two times and both times were conflicting readings! She is unethical because she was proven wrong within an hour of her prediction. She also had the audacity to tell me that my ex and his ex gf were sleeping in the same bed but not intimate when they live in different countries and only met to be together! That’s how far she would go to defend her fake predictions!

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20 Jul 2019 unsatisfactory ranking Mimi (unregistered)

Another scripted reading. Everyone in purple ocean/ garden uses a script and this was no different.

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04 Jun 2019 unsatisfactory ranking Briauna (unregistered)

Just didnt sound too believe but whatever

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