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I am an extreme psychic who is able to go above and beyond for my clients. I quickly connect to situations for my clients. I help to weave through predicaments leading you into the best possible outcomes and often helping you to escape bad situations and/or change your life all while providing accurate predictions along the way I provide you with confirmation also energy altering affirmation in order to open up the well-spring of vibrant positivity into your life. I’ve got the rare ability to pick up on past dates of events for confirmation.

There is a "point" to my readings and an order. I pull away from the "scattered" approach. First, you tell your concerns and what you are looking for. Next, I provide you with what is seen. Predictions, outcomes, and a plan for desired outcomes through opening up the wellspring of positive energy in your life. For some, I simply provide the predictions. For others, it’s much more than that.

Readings with me are thorough and blunt. Have questions ready. Thank you

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I’ve been doing this for the longest time now, I’m able to help you in every area, obtain new love, new career, through Life coaching and expert advise. I’m friendly and lively, I will be your coach and best friend. I am here for all who need me to help them! I’m very humble and caring, I love to help others. I’m knowledgeable when it comes to changing atmosphere and creating the life that you want through simple tactics that work according to each’s own unique situation.


I have over 25 years Personal and Professional Experience. I am living my passion. Helping is my True Love. Guidance is what fills my heart with joy when helping others find true happiness, meet their goals, and bring them to outcomes they desire I am caring and compassionate to all that I speak with. I pick up your emotional state automatically and with a clairvoyant mind and spirit, help to pull you into the perfect alignment in which you are desiring for your life.*In addition, I help with manifesting specific desires, I help with this rather quickly and am very accurate with time frames, although it’s not always something that may want to be heardI will not give you nonsense so please do not come into my chat expecting to hear a fairy tale.I can actually help you to change your situation and tell you how to manifest the one that you want, and I have been very successful in doing so over the last 25 yearsI’m respectful of you so I do expect the same in returnUnderstand that this is what i do for a living so yes, it does cost, but not nearly as much as others may charge and everyone is different, so no freebie abusers you will be blockedDisrespectful attitudes are not allowed in my chatI am very giving and understanding of difficult financial situations but please do not take advantage of thatAs part of my experience I have helped thousands of individuals in their love lives, career, and multiple other situations and I continue until the goal is reached.I will show you that it’s not just about providing one simple yes or no answer. True enlightment is a rare gift that cannot be obtained but only by those whom are willing and ready to possess it.All of my clients are able to see their lives begin to transform simply after one session with meI’m here for those who are open to it to get to know you personallyMy services go beyond a simple chat with you, it’s a powerful transformational process that continues to grow positively over time as confirmations are continually delivered and progress is seen with each connection*All info is delivered with passion and quality, perfectly sculpted from my spirit to your level of complete understanding, favor, and peace of mind, to uncover the veil of blurriness or confusion which may seem to dull the truth so that you can see clearly and have a grand and fully Alive and aware conscience of where you are, what you want, and where you are going along with what will happen along the way present with warnings and special tools of priceless information needed and desired to change your entire situation from sad, unhappy, miserable, awkward, lost, etc. into understanding, clear, confident, and absolute satisfaction in knowing that you’ve got the accurate and realistic, non-sugar coated answers that you’ve been seeking to find. I put a lot of time into doing special meditations for my clients as well. I take my sessions very seriously and deliver with unmistakable honesty.

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29 Oct 2019 unsatisfactory ranking Rubs (unregistered)

This person is fake af! Do not contact her! She kept asking me questions about the situation because she had no idea what was going on. I asked about a decision my guy has to make about a friend and she sAid he had just met this friend but they had been friends for years

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21 Oct 2019 unsatisfactory ranking peaceculture

I will gladly update this review when I am able to receive my reading. Unfortunately, I paid 25 dollars and the chat ended. She said bitwine is acting up. Hopefully, it starts working again.

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20 Sep 2019 unsatisfactory ranking chwexien

This was a really confusing reading. She said 30 min for 25 dollars, instead it was way under that and I didn't understand one bit during the reading, she took her good time, did not got answers to my questions. She cut off the reading, stole my money and did not accept my other call so I could ask what happened? Was also quiet mostly for minutes and told me during the resding her english is not good.. argh! Pls refund!

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10 Dec 2017 unsatisfactory ranking snake8088

waste of money she just kept going off on tangents....and made me more confused then after she wanted me to do another deal....sounds like she just cares about the money. i wont be back

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28 Nov 2017 unsatisfactory ranking kristie_c94

So so so sad. Didn’t connect and was ALL over the place. Then when I said she didn’t seem accurate she left chat when I said what she mentioned wasn’t correct. I want a refund. I have contacted bitwine for a complaint. Asked twice for a refund. She said poi was in and out of communication and it never happened that way -.- very disappointed and I would never recommend!!! She claims to refund money every day and never has!!! Lies about death in family. She’s toldnmy friends the same thing! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME

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