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Not Free! ✔ I’ll read for free one of past lives of reincarnation for regular clients. Write me ✔ As a Clairvoyant I’ll tell you about my images in clairvoyance. With your permission, I’ll offer my own interpretations of what is happening ✔ Chakrology-reading the chakras, the state of the petals, the quality of energy, communication ✔ As an Empath, I’ll read people’s emotions, their feelings for u, their attitude, consciousness, plans ✔ As a psychologist, I can tell u what the cause of the problems may be, choosing the right steps to correct the situation, controlling behavior and strategy. Let’s also see what your model can lead to. Finding a compromise with yourself, acceptance and understanding… p.s. I type fast and give a lot of info, convey my msg with all the depth, be sure to ask ques-s! Through this, I’ll be able to clarify and rephrase my message. Each text can contain up to four or five semantic data. Since I have to compress the meaning due to the short time during the consultation

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Successfully completed a course

"Parapsychology: Theory and practice" (2012).

I have the status of •psychic consultant•

education: graduated from Institute for the psychological counseling psychology (the official representative of the Academy, Wiesbaden, Germany). Status psychologist consultant

Training: "Family psychology. The Institute for family counseling" psychology. Status family psychologist consultant


Hello, my name is Delia, I am a spiritual reader and consultant.

Write Me your name, age and ask any questions. I see the future and the past, plans, the person's attitude to you, etc.  I just need you to ask me your questions. Then I will know what to look for in the information channel.

I have been working more than 20 years working with people as energy healer. Worked in two centres to help people. Worked as a freelancer and volunteer. I continue work in the center of magic and psychology. I can understand the mistakes of other people because it’s some experience. I love people, understand them and sympathize.

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Media: Audio Call,

Local Time: (GMT+02:00) October 03, 2023, 04:42AM

Location: Famagusta  (Find on Google Maps)

$1.49 per minute (after your approval)

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only for regular clients 10 min

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26 Feb 2023 satisfactory ranking jersey333

Delia was very sweet, but I definitely feel a bit confused from the reading. Maybe it was just me not understanding. She was very detailed. Some details were 100% spot on, but some were kind of contradictory, but again could just be me misinterpreting what she wrote. For example, she said he does not see a future with you, but then 2 min later she said he will definitely be back. So I don't know if she meant he doesn't see a future with me bc he was unsure if I wanted one. Like I said some details were crazy correct, but others were not, like when she said he will be back and have lots to tell me unlike how he used to, but he is SOOOO talkative and overshares everything lol. And then she said that when we were together and it turned to more, he didn't know how to see a future (in a healthy relationship), but he was planning on moving in and making future plans for us 5 years down the road. So it was just a bit confusing for me. But she is definitely very detailed and sweet

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09 Jan 2023 satisfactory ranking kk (unregistered)

Not sure what she was trying to tell me but had a good reading and time will tell so will come back .

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15 Nov 2022 satisfactory ranking loki8

Not sure what to make of what I was told. I’m thoroughly amused though.

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04 Nov 2022 satisfactory ranking mintchocolatechip1155

Some stuff she said I knew to be false. She also said he wouldn’t contact today but he called me right after the reading. I was expecting more from her reviews but I wasn’t wow’d, so I won’t be spending money on this reader again.

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08 Sep 2022 satisfactory ranking lost167

Thank you, your reading was so positive but everything looks so negative in reality. As in no developments. I hope what you saw occurs but at this point I’m preparing myself for the worst as it’s just bleak right now. I sensed that you are a genuine reader though, thank you for trying to help me in this difficult time. You seem lovely x UPDATE: nothing came to pass :(

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