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URGENT Due to an ongoing health family issue during COVID-19, I have not been online on Bitwine. I apologize to anyone that may have messaged me in my inbox- I have not been monitoring it during this time, and please know that I am thinking of all of you during these difficult times. UPDATE: Returning: Late July/Early August. **

No timeframes. Please see refund policy below.

Updates and Description of Services:* I am an intuitive reader who utilizes empathy, communication with Spirit, and clairvoyance to analyze a situation. Based on these things, I draw the most likely conclusion (prediction) based on how the path is progressing. I can also assist you to change the path, which is generally what I will do if I pick up an undesired outcome. I take my services seriously as a spiritual counselor and your well-being is of the utmost concern when I am reading for you. That being said, I will only tolerate a respectful energy in my chatroom.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Requirements: I do not do free readings, and refunds are only given on a case-by-case basis. You must communicate the reason to me BEFORE ending the chat.

I require a name, dob, and a worded question to begin the reading.

Refunds are only given BEFORE the chat ends, and even then on a case by case basis.

Psychic readings are intended for entertainment purposes only.


Experience: I have worked 8 years as a professional seer, both through volunteer work and paid work. I treat my job just as any other professional in the human services would treat theirs- with continuing education, workshops, etc. I am known for my highly ethical standards. I possess clairsentience/empathy, clairaudience, but my biggest forte is clairvoyance. I also have a huge passion for education and love to teach people how to tap into their own intuition.

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