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Sarah offers access to your individual Akashic Records in order to connect with the Wisdom of your Personal Energy.

Everyone has their own Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones within their Akashic Records. You can learn from your own Akashic Records and use this information to gain greater understanding of Self. Tapping into this Wisdom can be a powerful touchstone, resulting in a deeper understanding of yourself and your past actions. This Wisdom can help you decide how to proceed in your life for the future.

Gaining access to your Akashic Records can also help you to discover how Past Life connections and experiences affect your relationships and relate to your current health and wellbeing. Past Life Work can also reveal hidden talents and abilities to take advantage of in this life.

Access your Inner Wisdom through the Akashic Records. It’s your right as a Spiritual Being!

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Accredited Practitioner of the EMF Balancing Technique – energy work to balance and strengthen our electromagnetic field/aura.

Qualified as an Akashic Records Reader with Linda Howe’s Center for Akashic Studies. Have studied and written about our Spiritual Journey for over 20 years now.

State Certified Reflexologist. Previous long career in UK Broadcasting. Ran my own training company. Worn a lot of t-shirts!


Clairaudient (hearing messages) and clairvoyant (receiving visions) from a young age.

I’m an intuitive empath and often experience client’s energy as a body response, so I can help you discover more about your personal energy.

I’ve been giving Akashic Records Readings regularly to clients since 2010. Everyone’s energy is so different, your reading will be unique to you.

It could be anything from personalized everyday practical information related to your questions to an interaction with an Ascended Master.

It’s really not up to me, your personal Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones will have the say, I am simply the channel!

Connect with your Akashic Records and learn the power of this level of spiritual awareness.

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