Mediumship, Psychic, Angel & Spirit Readings, Oracle Cards ( Angels & Sacred Geometry). Spiritual Life Coach Applications in all readings ( this is the practical application of how to implement the soul/spirit messages into your day to day life).


I am an empath, intuitive, psychic, medium.I have been called to assist others by what some might reference as Spiritual Coaching . The things that I bring forth are only things that you already know & just need help ‘remembering’ & then address the Action steps to start bringing them into your life in way that will ascend you above and beyond all the limitations you believed were holding you back in life. Readings are done with Loving and Divine Intentions.

Many of us have lost that natural born intuition and psychic awareness that we had as children. We’ve grown up in a world full of conditioned beliefs, preconceived expectations and oh how we can judge! Not only what was put on us by others but also what we’ve put upon ourselves along the way. Truly life can be blissful and full of joy and love. But, to look outside ourselves is not where we will find this. You have the key to unlimited potential. The Angels can show you how to access it. It is up to you to do the work to bring it to fruition.


I believe and have been told by the Divine/Spirit as well that for one to be able to assist another from a higher place of BEing they themselves have to be doing the inner work for Ascension in their every day lives. I have always been a very compassionate, loving and giving person. In this process of growth I’ve learned that to be a true giver you must be also adept at receving. The equal exchange of energy makes this a transaction that moves you to a higher place of understanding. I woke up to all that I AM about 15 years ago and have been blessed by all the opportunities (challenges & great things) that have come my way. These teach us about ourselves, the Universe and what our purpose and place is within in. Our body is the vessel that we use in this lifetime and it must be considered a treasure and maintained in a state that is aligned with our Higher BEing and calling. It is vital to clear away our own personal muck that clogs up the ‘angelic phone lines’ in order to receive the messages clearly. I work with the divine Angelic realm and set my intentions before and after each reading to remove myself from the equation, thus providing myself to you as only the tool to bring forth the messages from the other side, your guides and angels or your higher self. Are you ready to truly begin to live authentically, compassionately, and in whole respect for yourself, your fellow man and the Universe? Call me! Let’s get in deep to what is ailing you right now and see how we might begin to make your life one that is full of OPPORTUNITIES versus challenges and strife. I look forward to serving you!

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17 Oct 2012 unsatisfactory ranking prayer389

very money minded and more than half of the things she said were not accurate to me at all, very general reading and more advice but even the advice wasn't relevant at times - would like a refund.

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