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Feeling adrift and seeking answers that seem out of reach? Are you struggling to find your way? Allow me to guide you on a journey of discovery. With over 23 years of experience in card reading and spiritual counseling, I’ve traversed the paths of life’s challenges and triumphs. Let me lend you my insights, offering a safe space to explore. Through divine inspiration, tarot wisdom, and spiritual intuition, we’ll illuminate the path back to your future successes and joy.

Kindly note that introductory readings are not offered free of charge.

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Let’s embark on this enlightening journey together. Your answers await.

Warm regards, Overon

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Please be respectful and do not ask for a free/intro reading.

Practicing Witch Black/White Magician Peer Counseling (Non-Licensed) Religious Studies Major Pranic Healer Light Worker Clairvoyant Empathic



Welcome to my mystical realm. I am Overon, a seasoned card reader with over two decades of experience. It’s been a journey of discovery, one that has touched lives across the globe, bringing insight and guidance through my mystical services.

My journey as a practicing witch, rooted in the ancient traditions, has led me to blend the wisdom of contemporary Wicca with time-honored practices. This fusion allows me to craft the most fitting solutions for your unique circumstances. Drawing upon a diverse range of methods, I begin by laying out the cards, weaving a narrative that unfurls before my eyes. Sensations, images, and even whispers combine to paint a vivid picture.

My role is to distill this whirlwind into clear insights. I’m not here to tell you only what you wish to hear; instead, I convey what I see, hear, and feel. Offering my services as an extension of my personal faith, I hold steadfast to the principles of honesty and authenticity.

I invite you to embrace this opportunity, to allow me to guide you back onto a fulfilling path, leading you to the happiness you truly deserve.

Please understand that I am unable to provide free introductory readings. Just as you wouldn’t expect a steakhouse to offer a complimentary steak, I must adhere to a professional approach in valuing the wisdom I offer.

Thank you for considering my services. Let us embark on a journey of discovery and illumination together.

Warm regards, Overon

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