AMAZING ACCURACY! Worldwide Renowned Top UK Psychic. Extreme Insight and Details - Over 30'000 online reviews and over 30 years experience. 100% clarity and honesty. What I see happens, it's never too late to change your future !


Don’t miss your chance to find the out what is REALLY happening. I have over 30K collective online reviews.

In my readings you will find No Fairytales, only the 100% TRUTH as to how things are happening.

As much as I will help anyone in need of guidance, please do not hire me if you do not want to hear the truth.

No matter what situation or outcome you desire, I will guide you to achieving it.

With that said, here is what you can expect to get out of a reading with me.

My clients range from Television Personalities and Music Stars to Family and Friends. My abilities have taken me far and wide over the years from psychic fairs to working as a face to face reader at my home, working not just in the UK but also in Europe. I run regular Tarot columns for a number of magazines and I am also one of the most prominent psychic names on the internet and have helped well over 30,000 people to achieve their goals.

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I work with the Life Path and from the moment of birth, each of us has a unique Life Path with many aspects on that path already set in stone. Learning to read and interpret the Life Path has been my passion for the last 10 years and is now my preferred method of working as it allows me to look deeply into the past, present and future to find the best outcome to any problem or situation that needs specific and accurate answers. What I see really does happen. With over 25 years of experience you can be assured of nothing but the best insight into your situation to assure the more positive outcome for you.

It is important to remember that we are born with the important instinct of "Free Will". This gives us the ability to learn things for ourselves from our own mistakes and also to make our own decisions in life. This action of Free Will also has a big impact on your Life Path and the way in which the lines and branches take shape throughout our life.


My reading will not only provide you with insight, but will give you true and honest direction that enables you to reach the outcome you want. It’s never too late to attract the outcome you desire. Call me now to start your journey.

As an ethical reader, I would like to point out a note about Timing and Timelines ~

Please be aware that there is NO WAY to predict exact timing. The timing of events is based on free will and universal movement. It is also based on other actions that may be needed to be taken by yourself or others around you. It is usually always possible to calculate if something is soon to happen, be sometime further in the future or if an event is not to happen at all, but for actual dates, there is NO method of reading that can provide an exact time or date that something will or will not occur.

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26 Jan 2017 unsatisfactory ranking gissiboo22

not answering to my messages...prediction didnt come true, made me too sure of it as well. sad...disappointed.

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01 Nov 2016 unsatisfactory ranking katelar32

wow verrrryyy confusing!!!!!!!

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25 Jul 2016 unsatisfactory ranking zohra111

Was told guy in question wants keep communication going and wil reply back when I did write back- he didn't continue communIcation. It's been 3 weeks not follow up from him. So predictiom didn't happen. If anything changes I will update review. Thank you anyways.

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17 Jan 2016 unsatisfactory ranking mmarino121

I don't know he spent too long writing paragraphs and paragraphs of information... I was looking for a simiple anaswer.... Can I get a refund please?

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29 Nov 2015 unsatisfactory ranking adine

Awesome ty

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