Lady Alo

Lady Alo


I’ve been doing this professionally for 12 years now and have helped many people all over the world to enrich their lives and give clarity.When you reach me you can be reassured that on first contact give me your first names only no birthdates and your question and concern.I will take a few minutes to connect to my guides to get the proper guidance you seek.I do read thru your voice or words in chat to get the messages from spirit.Please remember you must be open to recieving the information that is given to you.Because when your open I can read you much more clearer.Be prepared to hear the truth as I get the messages will help you to move on or to stay and work on your situation.

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Ordained Minister and Doctor of Divinity with Universal Life Church Monastery


Over a decade of professional reading for 3 top commercial sites including past website business . My background is of Navajo descent and my abilities passed down to me from my grandmother and mother. As a child I was always sensitive and intuitive . I have always had an uncanny ability to determine things about people that no one would notice . Even though it took some time to discover what this ability meant as an adult I now know it has been my destiny to help assist others to understand the connection of individuals to other people and events in their lives . I also have the ability to heal through prayer . I have helped many to move on from past pain and confusion and in some cases physical pain with the power of prayer . This has made my work very fullfilled . When you call me I am always fair to connect before the session begins and is finished . We are all connected and love is forever in life and after .

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