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Work with me to discover who you truly are. I have over thirty years experience of working with Energy. I connect with your Energy and bring forward that which your Soul wants you to know. I am an Empath , which means I am able to tune into Energy well and to feel the connection with you. My primary focus is to empower you to make the best life choices for yourself and to be confident in doing that. We are moving into very different times now and many will be feeling the challenges of that. My aim is to help you navigate the path ahead and be your true authentic self. Be Who You Are.

Your life is in YOUR hands choose empowerment now. Life Coaching Specialist. Please understand that sessions are for guidance only and your free will is your own to make your own life choices and as such you are responsible for those choices. Please be advised that nothing is set in stone energy shifts YOU change and that is part of the path ahead for you. Embrace that and Be Who You Are.

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Usui Reiki levels 1 and 2


All Specials are once per client per day. In coming to me for a session, please ensure that you have fully read my page, a session with me will NOT tell you how to live your life or what WILL happen next. I am here to help you connect with Who You Are, so that you may make best use of your life and opportunities. If timing of things is important to you, please choose another reader who is able to see that for you. Work with me to connect with your true self, who you really are. Discover how your world can open up when you feel confident and empowered in the life choices that you make. I am here to assist you in living your fullest life. I work with your Energy to connect with you and help you connect with your Soul.

Please respect my time , I do not work for free and if you abuse my time you will be blocked.

Disclaimer Whilst I do take my work very seriously I am not responsible for any decisions you or anyone connected to you choose to make. I am not a medically trained doctor so for any health issues or pregnancy related matters please consult your own doctor. For entertainment purposes only. By engaging my services you are deemed to be over eighteen and to have accepted the charges are non refundable and that any attempts to obtain one will be rigorously challenged .All payments are non refundable, you are engaging my time for a fee and as such all PayPal transactions are subject to the PayPal Privacy Policy.

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07 May 2018 unsatisfactory ranking tarosss67

To be honest I like her but after so many years, I have come to realise all that is picked up is NoW. Solutions are never adviced and time and Time again - I leave very confused very unsure and to be honest - more depressed. I dun think I want to continue this way. No reading should do that. So thank you Steph thus far but recently every reading I have had with you is leaving me more confused - and you never have time frames outcomes or actual real suggestions/ solutions. I truly leave sad every time we talk. So I think let this be our last reading. Sorry!

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07 Nov 2017 unsatisfactory ranking end.amaia

Just only one piece of information given in a 15 min reading. It was brief and also confusing, as this prediction does not correlate with my current situation. Also, there is no timeframe to the prediction, not even a very general timeline. And of course, nothing is written in stone.. all is fluid and if prediction does not happen in a few years it is free will that changed outcome. And also, I am not open to really understand what she said.. Haven't you already experienced this type of reading? Reader to be avoided..

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19 Dec 2016 unsatisfactory ranking ojoj77

Unhappy with the reading gave it some time and came back but the reading was wrong. He did open up and talked to me about his feelings and fears. There's no distance anytime soon. Sorry just some things didn't match up.

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27 Oct 2016 unsatisfactory ranking greatempath

vague... pls refund... this reading feels like just telling me general reading..

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