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Feeling alone? sad? lonely? Worried? Social distancing and being quarantined doesn't mean you have to face those things alone! Are you confused with the choices before you path? Do you just need someone to listen? My guides and I can help!


If you need advice, someone to talk to about your worries, work, career, finances, love relationships (family, friends, and romance), etc. My guides and I are here to help! You don’t have to face those choices and fears alone!

I’ve been very ill recently, I was in the hospital (first in a coma, then healing). Please contact me for an appointment if I’m not online.

My calling is to help others find the light on their path. I offer you a safe haven to come, share your worries, gain advice and assistance to make a difference on your journey.

Please note* Time Frames are fluid & can be affected by changes you & those involved make on your path.

I take plenty of time to connect before we go to hire. Once the reading starts there are no refunds, please do not ask. You make the choice of your own free will to hire for my services, with no expressed or implied warranties.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Ordained Minister Published Author of Eldhin Island: The Beginning as well as working on several other projects and books at this time. The second in the Eldhin series is due out in 2014. Helped thousands of clients online and in-person professionally. I’ve worked at many sites online since 1999 and am well known. Interviewed twice on the radio. Written and published many self-help articles.


Clairsentient, clairvoyant and clairaudient from birth


Channeling angels and guides

Dream Interpretation

Past life assistance


Crystals and Stones readings

Aura reading


Life Coach with 20+ years experience

Ordained Minister-4/20/02

Interviewed on WXBH, Dec/01/02

I have worked for several other psychic companies as a featured psychic and I am willing to help you! :)

Published Co-Author of Eldhin Island: The Beginning

For Entertainment Purposes ONLY. No Implied or expressed guarantees are given! You can Change the path/ outcome of ANY situation in your life.

You make the choice of your own free will to hire and as such you are agreeing to pay for the service given with no expressed or implied warranties.

I have no responsibility or obligation to notify you of how much you have spent with me. The amount of time you spend with me is solely at your own election or choice and you understand that there is a fee based on the time spent (per min, block time etc). I do not monitor this, you are in control of how much time/money you spend on me or anyone else for services rendered.

Psychic readings/Spiritual advice are not necessities, they are not and should not be used for legal or medical advice. If you require medical or legal help please seek help from an expert in that field.

I do not play test the psychic, I will not give "free hints" or tell you what your current situation is, I am not a mind reader.

I will tell you only what I am shown, sometimes messages may not be exactly what you want to hear. I still tell you what I am shown. The actions of all involved (you and anyone you may be asking about or who are involved in the questions) effect timing and outcome. If the timing changes or the outcome changes it means that the actions of those involved caused a change in the path.

*We all have Free Will and this can affect the time frames or outcome of any situation. Come into the session with an open mind that nothing can be "written in stone". I am just the messenger, good or bad I tell you what my guides show me.

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05 Oct 2019 unsatisfactory ranking monika34

I am sorry but need to be honest!!! First please can I have my refund for all readings !!! I spend fortune and nothing happened like she said , I know when you read you have a impression is correct but than waiting on prediction and nothing , I put so much more time than she says but nothing , sorry but you very expensive , thank you anyway and sorrry x

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19 Apr 2019 unsatisfactory ranking hca5

I didn't feel we truly connection based on the generic advice

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02 Jun 2018 unsatisfactory ranking mrmart_9012

general no real info given. asked too many questions in the beginning only to tell me the person in question feels the exact same way lol. no specifics. but nice person.

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02 Aug 2017 unsatisfactory ranking petal5

I would like a refund.

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03 Jul 2016 unsatisfactory ranking zohra111

I wish to write a good review but in my situation was told he likes me and we see new beginnings- but in end...he said he was not interested. And it ended. I was not happy with outcome of my reading even thought I trusted it.

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