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Psychic, Clairvoyant, Remote Viewer, Empath, Diviner, Tarot and Lenormand reader, Astrologer, Dream Analyst, Relationship Coach


• Clairvoyant • Clairaudient • Claircognizant • Clairsentient • Remote viewer • Medium • Astral traveler • Diviner • Seer • Esoterist • Astrologer • Dream interpreter • Psychologist • Relationship coach • Life coach • Chakra reader/healer • Spiritual advisor

Psychic insight with no tools (Astral Readings) or various divination methods: - Tarot, Lenormand and Cartomancy master reader - Oracle cards and various oracles - Runes - Pendulum (yes/no only) - I Ching - Numerology - Tasseography - Palmistry - Astrology - Qabalah - Dreams, symbols and archetypes


LOVE, CAREER or GENERAL THEME for 2020 15 min/50€

NEXT PARTNER, description, how you meet, timelines, 50€



GRAND TABLEAU LENORMAND 36 cards by chat. 1h/180€ Grand Tableau by email 250€ Contact me for a detailed presentation of this offer.

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IMPORTANT - All personal data and everything we discuss is strictly confidential. - You are responsible for your own decisions; esoteric readings are for insight and guidance purposes only. We are all creators of our own future. - Don’t ask about the same matter before the prediction unfolds. - My main reason for offering readings and accessing and sharing these gifts is to offer guidance, as it has been shown to me. Knowing the future is the least important part of esoteric readings. All readings will contain the advice I received for your matter. - Extrasensory and psychic channeling require immense energy from my part and it is not be abused. Use it wisely, for important matters only. It is magical energy and power and its main purpose is access to knowledge. Use the power of knowledge and the information you receive for personal betterment and the good of all the parties involved.

M.S. in Psychology, M.A. in Fine Arts


Astral Readings. I use no cards or other external tools. Clairvoyance and remote viewing are my most spontaneous gifts so far. Upon receiving your questions, I experience a channeled 3rd degree trance state and I usually see complex or symbolic images or sequences, hear, sense, feel or “know” your message; I will describe what I see or sense and give my interpretation. An astral reading takes about 2 times longer than a normal divination tools reading, because of the immense energy, trance state and focus involved and the need to decode what I see, hear, feel, sense. Divination Readings. They also happen in a semi-trance state, while touching and shuffling the tools I am guided by flashes of colored astral light (3rd eye vision) or higher temperature/frequency around the correct cards/runes and this is how I pick them. It is magical. There is intense psychic channeling with tools and I often also see, hear, sense mental images as well, or the energy/feelings around the question. My passion is decoding imagery and semiotics of divination languages, especially Tarot and Lenormand, along with decoding the cryptic, symbolic images I often receive in astral vision. I have studied most of the above divination methods since childhood. I was born with psychic gifts and they exploded during a specific time in my life, followed by a vision quest. It is VERY IMPORTANT you meditate after the reading on the symbols, images, messages I receive for you. Every message you receive from the astral is a once-in-a-lifetime moment and no matter the question, they are sent to you with the sole purpose of personal healing, self-empowerment and spiritual evolution. You receive knowledge and truth, and remember these are power for enlightenment.

I don’t give feel-good, reassurance readings for the purpose of collecting positive ratings. If you enter my chat room, please be prepared to hear what I see in the astral, good or bad.


By clicking the Accept Payment button, you agree to hire me for a counseling session, under the conditions of this Disclaimer. You are paying for the counseling time. The time and the information you receive cannot be undone, hence NO REFUNDS are accepted. In case of a chargeback, you are liable for the charges incurred and your personal information and transcripts will be provided to Paypal. All readings are for entertainment purposes only.

I am profoundly honored to be your advisor!

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Languages: English, French, Romanian

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13 Jul 2016 satisfactory ranking xsoniyax

prediction did not come to pass u don't deserve a red but unfortunate nothing happened - thank you for the refund

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24 Jun 2016 satisfactory ranking shazashoo

I honestly don't know what to make of reading. I left it felling upset as was different to what others have said. Maybe is truth but parts of reading felt off as she needed to ask a few questions. I don't want to give a bad rating cause I did not like what she said. If it's truth its truth but I just am not sure if we connected thus the satisfactory and not excellent rating.

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21 Feb 2016 satisfactory ranking prettycrystal

we'll see

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19 Feb 2016 satisfactory ranking taurusgem1

She is very caring but the reading was off. Some things accurate, one thing I can't confirm/deny, but another part doesn't seem to match reality. Which is a good thing for me. Sending message. Response: b/c you said the romantic part of our relationship was over and it's not. I kept my message brief & left out details, and for those reading she WAS accurate in our first reading (diff site), so maybe an off day or picking up on my fears. I think you are a great person but just not every reader/person connects well, and maybe we don't, that's all. :)

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21 Jan 2016 satisfactory ranking yani87

Thanks, dont think there was a connection it didnt start light, there was no obsession and I do not think anyone is in pain romantically speaking. How will I see the pain if there's no re-connection, ugh so confusing. I get it no re-connection, thanks.

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