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I Can Feel The Weight Upon You're Shoulders & You Have Been Struggling To Make A Very Difficult Decision & I'm Here To Say.. You Are not Alone Let Me Help You Make The Right Decision & Work On This Together Lets Connect Right Now To Put Your Mind At Ease


Hello i’am Lisa a Natural born psychic with the ability to tell you. Your Past as it was, you’re present as it is. & your future as it can be’ I specialize in all aspects of life.

Such as.. money career health addictions sexuality Chakra healing dream interpretation etc’

I‘m a certified Love advisor & relationship specialist’ if you need the right answer or need to know if he/she is the right person for you? or if you need to let go & if there is an other one out there for you’ let me be you’re guide & remove yourself from you’re crossroads & on the path of knowledge & wisdom’ all I will need is you’re name & DOB & if you have a specific question you need answers to & ill do the rest, (PLEASE NOTE.. THAT MY READINGS ARE STRAIGHT FORWARD I DON’T GIVE SUGARCOATING READINGS I SEE & TELL YOU WHAT YOU NEED TO HEAR NOT WHAT YOU WANT TO HEAR. IF YOU ARE A PERSON WHOM IS NOT COMFORTABLE WITH THE TRUTH’ THEN I’M NOT THE READER YOU SEEK.) looking forward to hearing from you! God bless love & light’

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Reiki Master level 3

Certified Spiritual Life Coach

Delphi University Of Spiritual Studies

Channeling Color Energies Energy Healing Energy Sensitivity Initiate Training Intuitive Counseling Medium ship Meditation Past Life Regression Panic Breathing Psychic Reading Psychic Training Psychometric Sacred Sound Spiritual Art Human Energy System & Chakras.

certified Energy healer

Clairvoyant Clairaudience

Energy Medicine Which Means.. i Have The Ability to heal with ones own emphatic Etheric,Astral mental or Spiritual Energy.


I Have Over 18 Years of Experience In Psychic Ability I Have The gift That Other’s Claim They Have. With My Help I can Show You The Way To Trample Over Your Blocks Fears Stress Anxiety Trauma etc.. With My Oracle Cards I Can tell You Exactly What Your Loved One Is Feeling Or thinking’I can Also Tell You What Your Love Area Looks Like & If You Have Already Met You’re Soulmate’Please Message Me Now To Get The Most Accurate & Truthful Reading No Sugar Coating. (DISCLAIMER THE REVIEWS YOU SEE THAT ARE SATISFACTORY & UNSATISFACTORY ARE CLIENTS WHO EXPECTED ME TO GIVE THEM "FAIRY TALE" READING. & NOT THE TRUTH OF WHAT I SEE. IF YOU WANT A TRUTHFUL READING PLEASE CHOOSE ME. BUT IF YOU ARE ONE OF THE MANY WHO DO NOT LIKE THE TRUTH PLEASE CARRY-ON)

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03 Apr 2021 unsatisfactory ranking eddiep

Same reading lost my money

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17 Jun 2020 unsatisfactory ranking bluerms

Update: Told me the GM & GN texts "wont happen right now or anytime soon". He texted me last night and this was more than just a GN text which I did not not expect. I do not think I can trust the rest of the reading. Basically told me he will be with someone else and then come back to you, they will not be intimate but its possible.

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12 May 2020 unsatisfactory ranking rockerchick

There were confusing things in the reading. They messaged me about clearing up the confusion in exchange for a review change. I didn't say I would change my review. I messaged with them and told them what was confusing,and what happened with the poi and I. They tried clarifying,and also said the poi had confusion that they feel comes a lot from his father. I told them he's not alive. then they said they knew he was deceased. They messaged me trying to get me to change my review, and thought it wasn't fair that I hadn't.they said they are going to issue a refund but I was going to "have to" remove my review because I was mistaking their kindness for weakness.They didn't know why I didnt reply or change the review. I said after their last messages,I definitely wont change my review. They said I never was because they didnt say or tell me the POI will come back. No that isnt why. They said seeing my attitude they understood him leaving.

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18 Apr 2020 unsatisfactory ranking jeunettalewis

Sorry, really hate to leave a bad review. She was kind and tried hard. But there was no connection at all. Just generalizations that would apply to anyone's past relationship history, missed the mark with my current situation, and gave the whole "you're going to meet your soulmate through a mutual friend at a social gathering once the pandemic is over." Just all sounds too convenient. Felt like a waste of funds.

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