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Psychic Medium/ Healer / Clairvoyant/Clairsentient/ Empathic


I can help you with relationship, love, career, spiritual healing, and helping you talk to loved ones on the other side. I am a psyhic medium, healer, clairvoyant,clairsentient,clairaudient, claircognazant and empath. I have 3 years of experience on Oranum and I have had many clientel that shown positive change and I can provide it for you as well. My father was a medium for 20-30 years before his passing in 2012 it took me awhile to understand what he meant what abilities that I had and now I understand fully and I treat my clientel like family. So if you want true honesty,and no sugar coating, straight to the point type reading I am your man!!

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I have been an advisor for Oranum for about 3 years and given positive testimonials

I have over 1190 readings and a 5 star rating let me know if you have any questions regaurding my work.

Guys I can give you guys a connection or a 3 card draw just to make sure im zoned to you free of charge, however regaurding connections, I cannot be too explicit about details about future related things or things not known to you. What I can do is feel on your energy tell you howve you been feeling and whats going on in your life as you know of already. This is to make sure that im connected with the client so they can get a feel for me without exposing so much for free of charge. I will let clients know about when im charging and Ill let them know that answering questions that are specified and personal have to be charged.

Just wanted to let people know, Im not trying to be a nazi guys, im just trying to make things balanced between me and my clients.


My father was well known around my community he was always smiling no matter what happened in his life he was positive and I had learned much from him over the years as a child and as a teen. I remember his advice and the things he taught me about life and how precious it was,everyday was a lesson to be learned so we can be stronger for it in the future. 20 -30 years of doing mediumship and helping people through and through.Couple of months before his passing he told me I had gifts , however i didnt know how to start or how to even work with it. My father had passed and this began my venture through the spiritual path and I had began learning what I could about myself and about my father. Now 3 years later I am everything that my father is pround of and is willing to help anyone who is in need. Ill never forget my father and his advice and the way he changed my life forever.

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