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I have had psychic and supernatural abilities from a very young age. I am able to assess people and situations on a deeper level than most. I have been honing my skills as a psychic for over a decade. I’m a patient, honest, caring and down to earth reader. All questions will be addressed and answered! Love, relationships, career, finances, family, supernatural issues, anything you may be dealing with. FAST TYPING! NO FLUFF! ACCURATE & HELPFUL All information I sense will be given no matter what it may be! I want you to have the most fulfilling and helpful reading I can provide for the lowest cost!!

I am currently offering INTUITIVE TAROT readings. Name and DOBs are really helpful! Let me help you get to a better place in your life through an in-depth psychic analysis of your situation!

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

B.A. in Cultural Anthropology (2014) Currently studing of herbalism, energy medicine and astrology.

NOTE I am NOT a legal, medical or financial professional. Any advice given should not be a replacement for any of these services. I am not responsible for any choices or outcomes that follow any reading with me. No refunds.


10 years+ of spiritual study and practice of tarot, mediumship, astrology, energy healing, green witchcraft, palmistry, numerology, herbalism, jungian psychology etc.

I have been able to tune into the energetic imprints of places, people and objects since early childhood. I am able to sense the subtle vibrations in my surroundings or to channel remotely through spirit guides and my intuition. Folks are often surprised by what I’m able to sense about their lives.

What I Believe: We are divine beings with infinite potential. Only you can change your life; psychics can give you a larger scope of what’s going on. My intention is to give you a deeper understanding of your situation, navigate a healing path, accept the imperfections in your life and redirect your focus on what can be changed in order for you to access Better Relationships and your Higher Self!

No matter your background or situation, I want to help you reach a better place in your life

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04 Dec 2015 satisfactory ranking dante (unregistered)

very helpful

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17 Sep 2015 satisfactory ranking wise_2015

Good reading. Thanks

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27 Jul 2015 satisfactory ranking pandovski

[UPDATE: I'm not paying for a reading to "test" his/her ability. It's totally fair to ask a question to see if he/she is able to pick up on things accurately before continuing to proceed w/ other questions. Otherwise, any doo-doo head on Bitwine could just "predict" or say anything without allowing people to trust them with things they can confirm.] She wasn't the reader for me as she wasn't able to hit on things that I can confirm (i.e. dates of events to happen that I already knew about but she couldn't even pick up). I needed a way to assess whether or not she was even connected, and she wasn't. *Another thing, she mentioned was that I was avoiding something because things are "overwhelming" ...uh, not true! My job offers vacation days for employees and using vacation days doesn't mean I'm avoiding anything. It's a policy for employees, or else they won't get them next year. So, no, I'm not trying to avoid anything. LOL * So, I had to end it at 10 mins.

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