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psychic clairvoyant for over 25 years I have been helping people in all area of life NO tools No info needed call now for a psychic reading


psychic clairvoyant intuitive empathy energy and master healer an adviser welcome to my page I am a certified psychic with more then one ability to help you thought the tough time in your life has well has the good ones to. for over 25 years now I have been giving readings face to face and on line were I gave real personalized readings my specialisms are Breakups& Divorce love & relationship family& friends money & Prosperity career & work pet and animal I am a natural born gifted psychic clairvoyant connecting with spirit I am also a energy healer an can bring long distance healing sessions in addition to spiritual guidance I am able to see your past present and future and advise you on all area of life business or personal I can assist you and help you on any area I also can do dream interpretation has well has seeing repeating number interpretation call me for in-depth psychic reading more than a prediction hare your guide for Life’s journey serenity happiness. and success it just a phone call away

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license in the states of Nevada and California I have been reading professionally for over 25 years. I am a certified psychic clairvoyant medium intuitive empathy who connects with spiritual spirit Guides & Guardian angels I am a life Coach spiritual healer past down from generation born with my gift an psychic Abilities I have been able to help people from all across the globe with my years of experience hard work and dedication I committed myself because I new from a young age that this was my purpose in life my purpose is to help other I specialize on all area of life if you want clarity truth and insight please call me I am accurate in my prediction and readings and client seem to be very amaze it make me happy when someone I helped call me to tell me that there life has change for the better and that they found there happiness and passion and meet there soulmate/tween flame got the promotion they wanted and rebuild there relationship


as a young child I discovered my gift i was able to see into peoples lives and surroundings and see what was going to happen after years of studying and controlling my abilities I started giving readings professionally helping people in all matters of life I helped over the past 25 years people find there true path and meaning in life not only do I use my psychic abilities to lead them on there true path I also use my life coaching skills and years of experience professionally and personally to help guide you I am a master psychic specialize on love relationship work career family break up and divorce with my experience advise and expertise an skills I can get to the root of any issues or problem that you are being challenged with and help remove the obstacles that have been standing in your way the blocks that have been preventing you from achieving your gold and soul mission in life and were is your destiny taking you are you on the right path find out today from a master psychic I have the answers to your deepest question and concerns one call with me will show you my accuracy an my work and results are to guild you to success an happiness in all area of your life I am also a light worker. I do want everyone to know that my readings are not free you are paying me for my time once you hit the charge payment you can not go back and ask for a refund or try to get a free reading after connection has been made and charge has been Accept on your part an action like this will be reported to Bit wine an pay pal with your personal information username that you excepted the charges an terms and condition of this service I will show to pay pal and bit wine that you agreed to all charges an connection under the condition of this Disclaimer you are paying me for counseling time the time and information you receive can not be undone NO REFUNDS are accepted in case of a chargeback you are liable for the charges incurred and your personal information and transcripts will be provided to pay pal and bit wine

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26 Nov 2021 excellent ranking dara12

Amazing I didn’t say anything about my situation and picked everything up! I had one question I wanted to ask, but I didn’t want to interrupt the flow of information. I’ll wait for next time. :)

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22 Nov 2021 excellent ranking sakasaka

Tina is one of the best here. She really has a gift and is so kind. She doesn't need any info because she knows already. A lot of things she told me have been accurate and came to pass. Please get a reading from her, you won't regret it ❤️

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15 Nov 2021 excellent ranking janettefabiola90

5***** psychic + more stars! awesome,nice,polite and very friendly.Dies care about the customer and is very detailed!do recommend.connects with out telling her details!will come back!thanks!!!!

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06 Sep 2021 excellent ranking gbb77


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08 Aug 2021 excellent ranking charmingsoul84

Definitely one of if not the best here that I've experienced. No tools. Picks up on what's bothering you and goes right into. I needed extra comfort this evening and she provided just that. I do highly recommend!

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