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Lady Elizabeth, Seer and Expert Astrologer ★ Love, Life, Career ★

CloseDescription: is my personal website where I offer 7+ page long, in-depth, highly detailed e-mail readings.

Expert modern Western Astrologer. I can give you true Insight into your situation, and advice that will bring success and healing into your life. I specialize in answering complicated questions. Been told ‘unclear’ or ‘not sure’? With my mix of skills, I can see any issue more clearly.

In my readings, I use several very powerful pieces of software to cast your charts and look into how the underlying energies guiding your life are operating, to give you the best explanations and advice on what’s happening, has happened and will be happening in your life. I’ve studied Astrology since childhood, seen 1000s of charts, studied dozens of techniques and devoted many years of my life to its practice. With me, you’re in the hands of a true expert. Privacy is always guaranteed, no judgement, discuss all your problems honestly. We’ll find the right answers and the right course of action for you!

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I have studied Astrology since very early childhood. My lifelong education has provided me with a very high level of technical ability and knowledge of Astrology. I use a special mix of both ancient and ultramodern Astrological techniques. My specialties are Relationship & Karmic Astrology.

I have been blessed with a very special and rare intuitive gift – to see into past lives. I use this gift together with my skills in Astrology to help, heal and enlighten. I have high hopes for every single one of my clients, and I truly strive to connect each and every one with the deep oceans of wisdom and knowledge we all have inside.

I have been a Reiki practitioner for over a decade.


I have seen thousands of charts in my practice and my studies. My specialty is Relationship Astrology, but I’ve studied many different fields, and learned many different techniques. I offer in-depth, private written readings on my own personal website. Some of the readings I offer there are: Advanced Compatibility, Current Relationship Issues, Karmic Readings, Anniversary Readings, Birthday Readings, Career Potential and several others.

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