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Spiritual Psychic Reading - Guidance With The Power Of The Stars, in relationships, career, manifestation and in creating the desired experiences of your reality



RELATIONSHIP ISSUES? Get the complete spiritual psychic reading online for all the answers with love, relationships, career and more.

Get an all-in-1 spiritual psychic reading. Ask questions on any topic (personal or collective) that you’d like answered – and the answer will be channeled through my guides, celestial friends, archangels and/or your guides, celestial friends and/or guardian angels.

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  • Tarot Card Reading
  • Akashic Records Reading
  • Fortune Telling Reading
  • Mediumship Reading and Connection
  • Spirit Guides Reading and Connection
  • General Psychic Reading
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2020 Featured Reviews

trinity "This is the best reading i ever had after years being with bitwine…and the content of the reading is very long and very well"

mousewine "One of the most sophisticated typists on the psychic sites I have seen. It is very difficult to find mature readers. Readers who have lived and really understand so much. I am very satisfied."

shanel "Amazing energy and details. Picked up on the connection right away…Told me exactly what to expect…Also, grateful for the surprise from a past loved one who has given me many messages in the past. Thank you for sharing your gift. "

daysky What a find! Best reading I’ve had on this site ever. Reading was packed with soulful comprehension and understanding. A timeline was offered. Courteous and very professional treatment and delivery. Some hard information to swallow but it seemed to come from a very high perspective

elle " I reread his readings from 2016 and they still resonated perfectly for me."


I am an empath, can feel others’ energy patterns and frequencies and am in tune with the universe. I also offer relationship guidance, love advice, spiritual guidance through my gifts of, clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience. This is truly a one of a kind spiritual psychic reading.

Additionally, I’m a life and relationship coach. You’ll get guidance with regard to career, family, health, money, relationships from one of the most gifted psychics!

Further Experience: I started off as a healer.

Then, I raise the vibration, bringing you into alignment with cooperative components of the Universe, bringing more of what you desire into your physical reality.

You’ll experience peace of mind, relaxation, joy and profound synchronicities.. You’ll be able to sleep better, make sound decisions and navigate life with more clarity.

This will provide the positive shift that you’ve been looking for.

Create Your Reality With The Guidance Of The Stars!

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27 May 2020 satisfactory ranking phillips89

Was alot misunderstanding and I can't say if it's real but did apologized n.i enjoyed what I could get thank you

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14 Mar 2020 satisfactory ranking Starz80 (unregistered)

I have been coming a few times now for readings. Some ways details are given, but for the time. For the funds given, i am not feeling so much a connection. Perhaps giving less information is most helpful for these readings. Thank you though.

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02 Nov 2019 satisfactory ranking looker1208

Thank you for your time and insight.

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16 Sep 2018 satisfactory ranking removed_user_422647

not for me

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28 Jul 2018 satisfactory ranking sham

answers were detailed but I didnt like the time shortage. You asked me a question where I was from before i made a payment. that shouldn't count. I made the payment and it took you three mins to respond. usually once you get the first response is when the time starts. I didn't get all my questions answered so Im satisfied with the detailed response I got which I am somewhat unsure of but im not satisfied with the time.

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