Holding It Together !



Thinking right, when everything is wrong,

This Political Landscape and Relationships

Who’s right for the country?

Is it Obama or is it Mc Cain ?

How is this Election affecting your relationships’with other cultures ?

How do we see our long time friends now in the light of this?

How do we make this right when it’s all over?

Who wins and who loses Really?

My answer may surprise you!

What is this Election is doing to America?

How to save our Children in a bad Relationship?

How to Stop Divorce in your marriage?

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I’m an American and very concerned about were we are going from here. I Love this country,to me it is the best freedoms for all the people. Every one has a chance, you just need to go for it! tell me what do you think?

After 3, marriages 4 children and remarried to the mother of all my children. After forgiveness of an affair. We are stronger than ever. I am still in the hope that we can save some other families from all the pain.


LET”S TALK ABOUT IT All I am an ordained pastor of 25 years, We have been helping advising people, to find some happiness out of pain. I am 52 years of age and I have a degree in the school of hard life. High school Grad, some College. I was raised in foster care home, from the age of 9 years old. I was Shoot with a 38” in my last year of high school it all most took my life. I know the pain of family not being together. In fact I saw my on kids make it and win!. Abuse, as a child I got bet, but not destroyed and I remember wakening up with blood on my sheets from the beating the night before.

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