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Best Empath, and intuitive psychic 2012 ✔

Hello and welcome to the realm of spiritual Awakening. My name is Siya, and I am known for being an empath, I can feel what you’re going through. I am very intuitive, and can help you with mostly any problem you encounter – my special however is love affairs.

It is important for me to ensure connection – I would never charge you if we are not connected. As a psychic I will not connect with each and everyone. You can hire me for coaching, as I have a psychological degree as well if this is the case. I have never led anyone wrong, I will always leave you feeling uplifted. Even when I provide the truth you did not want to hear, you will find my empathic nature soothing, and you will know which way to go with the information I give you.

Psychic and psychological degree – These two combined are powerful, and what I can offer you is a clear path to walk, and possibly a smile to your face. You will know exactly where to go after a reading with me.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

KEEP IN MIND!! if i hang up that means i lost conection and to call back thank you

Natural born spiritualist

CERTIFIED CLAIRVOYANT, THIRD GENERATION, BORN GIFTED, I have been serving the public with my gifts for over 18 years, I am the proud owner of a psychic shop in Atlanta Ga where I have a huge fallowing of very satisfied clients. One Reading will prove to you that I am the one you have been looking for, with the answers you have been waiting to here …no sugar coating, no false promises Just the truth!!




Integrity and professionalism – I see many of my regular clients as friends, and I would never share your personal information, or anything said in live chat with anyone, unless direct permitted to. It is important for me, that clients can feel comfortable while chatting with me. You will never find me lashing out at anyone.

What about spells? Anything related with "CURSES" or "DARK CLOUDS" is the scent of frauds that you should avoid at all costs. These does not exist, and those saying they do are just trying to steal your money. A true psychic will guide you, not scare you. Positive magic exists however, I personally practise a couple spells involving candles. I charge $20 dependant on how strong you want the spell to be (in other words, how many resources I will need). My spells are in no way NECESSARY for you to get what you wish for, and you can get by perfectly fine without a spell. But they can be a blessing and a great help. Contact me live for more info regarding this.

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