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Pradeep Mishra is a Vedic Astrologer who works exclusively with birth charts.Your destiny is well defined at the time of your birth and may be investigated with the accurate tools given by Vedic Astrology. This extraordinary science has been built upon a very solid, holy and ancient knowledge allowing the astrologer to enter and decode the chart scientifically. This is the first aim of Vedic Astrology.The second aim of Vedic Astrology is to offer an appropriate guidance to the native at any given moment of his choice to help him to understand the challenges of his life, and allow him to appropriately deal the circumstances seemingly revealed as " hard times" in his own experience.Here comes the third aim of Vedic Astrology which may be considered as a very unique one, thanks to its remedial measures. The native finds that the less problematic path of his life and pessimism.For an adequate answer, please all the details with respect to birth place, birth date, birth time and popular name too.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Master degree in Astrology, Master degree in Astrology and Hindi Litrature and B.E (Electrical Engg.).My expertise is in Parashari Astrology but learned Gemini system,K.P system,Muhurta chintamani, B.V Raman Muhurta, Bhrigu Shashtra, Bhrigu Prashan Tantra, Brihad Jatakam, Horo Pratiyush, Lalkitab,Verma Sarawali,Varahamihir Sutram, Vastu shashtra and numerology etc.


More then 15 years.I have expertise in career, love life, match making, Problem in marriage or love life, Child birth, health. I am well introduced with Lalkitab, Palmistry, numerology, Gemini Sutram and Prashar techniques of prediction.Pl. mail me your date of birth, time in 0-24 hrs format and place of birth with longitude and latitude before asking question.Base on these information’s, I will prepare your birth chart and reply to your questions.

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